Typical Daily Challenges

Sports & EntertainmentEvery company specialising in sports or entertainment faces similar business challenges:

  • Are you searching for a convenient way to help your company grow? Every experienced business knows that presentation is the key to success. That’s why it’s important that you provide customers with a professional number to call rather than a mobile phone—which risks making you look as if you’re out there on your own!
  • Are you aware that 75% of potential customers don’t leave a message when their call goes to voicemail? And those customers will most likely call one of your competitors next. That means you’re effectively losing potential clients every time you are unable to answer the phone.
  • Are you looking for a communications solution that works the same hours you do? You’re in an industry where it’s uncommon to work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. You want customers to be able to get in touch with you, and you’re always keen for more business … but that doesn’t mean you’re happy for the phone to ring at all hours of the day and night!
  • Are you still contactable when you’re off-site? You don’t want to be interrupted when you’re in a meeting or working with a client one-on-one. But you also understand that there are times when other customers need to be able to contact you, for example with a cancellation, substitution or change of venue.
  • Would an after-hours emergency number be useful for your business? You don’t want everyone to have your mobile number, but you do realise that there are times when customers will need to contact you after hours.
  • Are your marketing dollars being spent in the best possible way? Are you looking for a way to measure the effectiveness and ROI of your different campaigns?
  • Are some important documents still being faxed? Maintaining a fax machine is both out-of-date and costly. It would be nice to have an alternative so that you can still receive faxes.
  • Are there times when your ringing phone distracts you from the work-at-hand? Unforeseen circumstances and thinking on your feet are art and parcel of your profession—but your ringing phone represents business and can’t be ignored.

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