Typical Daily Challenges

Trades Services ConstructionNo matter what your area of expertise is, all trades, services and construction businesses face similar challenges:

  • Looking for an easy way to build your business? A professional-looking business will attract more customers. Unfortunately, a mobile phone number makes you look like a sole operator, which can cause some people to think you are too small to offer a fast, reliable service.
  • Did you know 75% of callers hang up when their call goes through to voicemail? And many of those callers will dial a competitor’s number instead! You’re losing business every time you can’t answer the phone (like when you’re talking to another customer, climbing on a roof or under a house, or up to your elbows in plumbing).
  • Do you find it hard to get important jobs done when your phone is constantly ringing? Some jobs and tasks require you go give 100% of your attention—but you can’t ignore your ringing phone (and the business it represents).
  • Are some of the phone messages you take incorrect, incomplete or illegible? There are times, places and situations where it’s difficult to make notes about a call, and you don’t always get all details correct.
  • Do some of your suppliers still want to send you faxes? It’s a hassle (and expensive) to maintain a piece of office equipment you rarely use.
  • Are you constantly in trouble at home because your phone rings at the wrong time? Life is easier when the family is happy, plus you enjoy taking take time out to relax. But you also know it’s important for customers to be able to reach you in case of an emergency.

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