Business Internet

Experience the difference of high-speed internet on a business grade network with Alltel Internet Services. Choose from our range of affordable business internet plans for ADSL Broadband, Unlimited Internet via Fat Fibre 400, and Unlimited Internet via Ethernet.

Business Broadband

Alltel’s ADSL Broadband is a business-grade network that is reliable, always on, and less congested internet service for businesses.

Enjoy flexible contract options, a free upload accelerator, 24/7 customer support, and full use of your data allocation for as low as $49.95 per month excluding set up fees.

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Unlimited Internet via Fat Fibre 400

Alltel’s newest offering, Unlimited Internet via Fat Fibre 400, is a reliable and cost effective symmetrical 400 Mbps Internet Service.

Enjoy enterprise grade connectivity, unlimited uploads and downloads, static IP address, reliable service connection availability, and 24/7 customer support for as low as $395 (excluding set up charges).

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Unlimited Internet via Ethernet

Get higher availability rates versus traditional ADSL services with Alltel Unlimited Internet via Ethernet, a symmetrical internet service with speeds from 4Mbps-20Mbps.

Get constant throughput of data 24/7, unlimited uploads and downloads, and round the clock access to our customer support team.

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