Never miss a call again with an Alltel live answering service.

Let our operators give your business a professional voice.

Every phone call you miss is a lost opportunity for your business. Even if you’re in a meeting with a top client or finishing important paperwork—when you don’t answer your calls, all you’re telling your customers is that you don’t value their business.

So how do you juggle running your business without leaving your customers hanging? The solution—get a live phone answering service.

Alltel live phone answering is the best and most cost-effective solution for your missed calls. Take the pressure off by redirecting your calls to our live operator and answering your calls whenever you need it. It’s so simple—we’ll answer in your business name and take a message for you, so your callers don’t hang-up and your customers have no reason to look elsewhere!

How does a live answering service manage your calls?

How does a live answering service manage your calls?

Forwards to
your mobile

Customer call your business

Alltel live answering centre

Professional operator

Takes your message

Forwards to
your Email

What is a live answering service?

Live telephone answering services help answer your calls whenever you can’t. It gives your business a warm and friendly voice on the phone, so your customers always feel important. It doesn’t matter whether it’s after-hours, the weekends, or a public holiday—we’re here to answer your calls 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our live operators are all Australian-based and professionally trained to handle business calls. Your calls are answered off-site, so you get round the clock support without blowing your budget. It’s just like we’re answering calls from your office!

How phone answering services work

Your answering service works by redirecting calls from your 1300/1800 numbers, landlines, VoIP, or mobile phones to our live answering centre. You can use it to answer all your calls, or as back-up for overflow, after-hours, and holiday calls.

When your customers call, one of our live operators answers in your business name and takes a message for you. No need to scribble notes and risk mixing up names or numbers—you'll be immediately notified through SMS and email, so you can review each message as they come.


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A basic answering service for your enquiries.

Having trouble unplugging on weekends and holidays? You’re not alone! You deserve to take breaks without the guilt. Alltel live answering services will answer your calls, take a message, and forward it to you immediately— so you can enjoy your time off while still being in the loop.

A team messaging service for your departments.

Alltel live answering doesn’t just support individuals—you can have calls answered for your staff and departments as well! Messages are forwarded directly to the right person or team, so you’re not wasting energy taking notes and passing along messages.

A complete virtual reception service for your office.

Need someone to answer and screen your calls? An Alltel virtual receptionist can give you full support you can’t find elsewhere. Your virtual receptionist doesn’t just answer calls and take your messages. They'll even check your availability and transfer your calls—it’s just like having your own full-time receptionist!

Are missed calls hurting my business?

Did you know that 75% of callers hang-up on voicemail and never call back? Not only are you handing over paying customers to your competition, you might be earning a reputation for bad customer service.

Alltel live answering makes sure that all your calls are answered by a real person promptly and professionally— so the only thing you’re earning are positive reviews and referrals.


Australian based operators

Your calls are answered locally from the Alltel Live Answering centre, where we hire and train Australian operators to answer your business calls.

Quick and easy setup

Your service can be up and running in as little as 1 business day! You can even pair it with your Alltel Inbound Numbers and Business Phones for a complete communications solution.

Tailored to your needs

You have the freedom to customise your own service. Try out feature boosters like personalised greetings, additional questions, and so much more.

Flexible support for your business

Live answering is the perfect solution for growing your business. You can easily scale your service as you add more teams, move offices, and take on more phone calls.

Manage through your My Alltel portal

Managing your Live Phone Answering Service is quick and easy with your powerful self-managed portal. Access copies of your messages, download free reports, and pay your bill—all online!

Instant notifications

Review your messages as soon as they come! Each message is sent through SMS and email, so you can access it while in meetings or when it's impolite to take a call.


Build stronger connections with a live answering service that brings you and your customers closer.