Live Phone Answering Services

Capture the 75% of callers you lose when calls go directly to voicemail by switching to Alltel’s Live Phone Answering Service.

Give the impression of a large call centre or in-house receptionist services with an Alltel telephone answering service. Have an Australian-based operator answer business calls in your name, collect caller information, and immediately forward phone messages via SMS, email, and your web portal.

Messages 24/7

The Live Phone Answering Service ideal for sole operators, small companies, tradies, start-ups etc.

You can have your phone calls answered by our professional Australian-based live answering operators 24 hours a day 7 days a week, every day of the year.

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Reception Connect

Calls are answered in your business name and are connected through to you if you’re available. Talk for as long as you like: Connected calls (to your landline or mobile phone) are included, UNTIMED (NO call connection fees).

If you’re not available, a message is taken and forwarded. Reception Connect is the ideal Live Phone Answering Service for you if you want a “virtual” receptionist who can directly connect calls to you or a team member.

NOTE: Reception Connect can be integrated with Team Messenger.

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Team Messenger

If you have a team of staff and want to route calls or messages to different people or departments, our Team Messenger Live Phone Answering Service is for you.

Great for supporting multiple team members or departments within your organization. Eg. Sales teams, service teams etc.

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