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How much business are you losing?

One way or another, acquiring new customers costs you money so every call you receive should be regarded as important and be answered professionally.

You may already be aware that around 75% of new enquirers hang up without leaving a message if their call goes through to your voicemail or an answering machine instead of being answered by a real person … and unfortunately those potential customers don’t usually call back.

Chances are, they’ll call one of your competitors. First impressions are important to potential new customers when they call. They want to talk to a live person, so the competitor that answers their calls more professionally stands a higher chance of getting the business. Don’t let your competitor get the business (and income) you could have had.

Existing customers and suppliers can also be frustrated when their call is not answered by a real person.

Professional Phone Answering 24/7 = No missed calls.

When you or your staff are busy working in your business, it’s often inconvenient to answer calls throughout the working day. Understandably, you may be in a meeting or you may just need to focus on the job at hand instead of answering phone calls and taking down the callers’ details. That can be very distracting, disruptive and time-consuming when you’re trying to get a job done.

However, if you’re serious about having a successful business and making money, that’s a high percentage of phone calls and potential business to be sending to your competitors.

Powerful and flexible business phone answering solutions.

You (and your team) can have our professional receptionists answering your business calls when you’re not available – with a range of phone answering solutions starting from just $29 a month with 20 calls included.

You’ll receive your messages immediately by SMS and email (also included) so you can return your calls as soon as it’s convenient.

Our live phone answering operators are professionally trained, based in Australia, and ready to answer calls in your business name, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including public holidays).

No matter how big or small your business is, we have a range of business solutions that can help manage your business and make your life easier.

Messages 24/7 ™

The Live Phone Answering Service ideal for sole operators, small companies, tradies, start-ups etc.

You can have your phone calls answered by our professional Australian-based live answering operators 24 hours a day 7 days a week, every day of the year.

From $29 per month

Team Messenger

If you have a team of staff and want to route calls or
messages to different people or departments, our Team
Messenger Live Phone Answering Service is for you.

Great for supporting multiple team members or departments within your
organization. Eg. Sales teams, service teams etc.

From $39 per month

Reception Connect

Calls are answered in your business name and are connected through to you if you’re available. Talk for as long as you like: Connected calls (to your landline or mobile phone) are included, UNTIMED (NO call connection fees).

If you’re not available, a message is taken and forwarded. Reception Connect is the ideal Live Phone Answering Service for you if you want a “virtual” receptionist who can directly connect calls to you or a team member. NOTE: Reception Connect can be integrated with Team Messenger.

From $49 per month

Compare Features

All services are 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days per year (366 days on leap years!)
All calls are answered in Australia
Your service is setup quickly
Callers are greeted in your business name
Messages are sent to you by SMS
Messages are sent to you by email
Message can be emailed to multiple recipients
Message SMS can be sent to multiple recipients
Messages are displayed on your customer portal
Messages can be taken for individual team members
A call can be transferred to you or a message is taken
A call can be transferred to a team member or a message is taken
untime calls Talk for as long as you like (flat rates per connected call). This includes calls connected to you via your landline or mobile phone.

Live Phone Call Answering

Case Studies

Infinity Photography

My Alltel live phone answering service means I can be a creative photographer and a successful business woman at the same time.

Phone Answering Information

Virtual Receptionist information

Everything you need to know about how a Virtual Receptionist works and how to get your own. Read more...

Why you need Live Answering


75% of callers hang up when their calls are answered by a machine. With live answering, your calls are answered by a "real" person, which helps to increase customer satisfaction and sales.


Live answering allows you to take time out to attend meetings, have lunch with friends, or pick up the kids from school without missing a single call.


Alltel's professionally trained, Australian-based operators answer calls in your business name 24/7.


Focus on important work without interruptions. Review your live answering messages as they come in, and prioritise your work and call-backs.


View SMS messages at times where it could be inconvenient (or impolite) to receive a phone call.

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