Attract businesses from other areas

Get a local phone number for every city where you do business—even if you’re not physically located there

With Alltel’s Local Connect Numbers, any business can have a “local” phone number (e.g. 02. 03, 07) in any major Australian city—no matter where they are located.

That means that if your office is in Sydney, you’re not limited to using 02 phone numbers.

You can advertise “local” numbers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to attract customers from around the country. All calls made to those virtual numbers can be automatically forwarded to your business phone(s) in Sydney.

Local Connect numbers are fully compatible with your 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers, which means you can take advantage of ALL of the benefits that both types of numbers provide.

You can also upgrade to Local Connect Plus Call recording, which adds Call Recording.

How do Local Connect numbers work?

An Alltel Local Connect number is a computerised “inbound” number that can be directed to any phone you choose including a landline, mobile, VoIP, fax or live answering service. You can even ring multiple phones at the same time.

There’s no need to install new phone lines: you answer the calls on your existing phones.

These virtual phone numbers are for receiving incoming calls only—you still use your regular phone to make outgoing calls.

Local Connect Numbers are compatible with 1300 and 1800 Numbers, so in addition to advertising Local Connect numbers to your customers directly, you can also use them as answer points for your 1300 and 1800 Numbers.

What’s included with your Alltel Local Connect number?

The following Local Connect features are all included at no additional cost:


Voicemail messages left by callers are immediately forwarded to you via email.

Missed call notification emails

If callers hang up without leaving a message, you receive an email notification with the date and time of the call, plus the caller’s number* and location.

Multiple simultaneous calls

Receive up to 12 incoming calls at the same time, which can ring on multiple phones simultaneously (e.g. your landline and mobile phone or on multiple office phones). Ideal if you want to share incoming calls between a sales or support team.

Forwarding incoming calls to a second number

If you’re unable to answer a call or you’re already on the phone, calls can be automatically forwarded to a second number (e.g. an Alltel Live Answering service).

Real-time call records

Get details about all incoming calls including the date, time and duration of calls, caller number* and location. Real-time records mean you can see details about your callers while they’re still on the phone. You can also use these reports to measure the success of marketing campaigns.

Caller ID Override

As standard the caller ID for all incoming calls will show the phone number from which the call originates from, with the exception of blocked caller ID’s. This number can be ‘overstamped’ with the Alltel Local Connect number, so you are aware that the caller is dialling the Local Connect numbers and not the diversion number (i.e your mobile or landline number directly).

*Note that the calling number cannot be provided if Caller ID is blocked.