What are the differences between Local Connect and 1300/1800 Numbers?






Type of Number Local National National
Route to any number (e.g. landline, mobile, live answering)
Route to second number (e.g. live answering) if first number is busy or not answering)
Route single number to multiple locations depending on factors including time of day or caller location
Call forwarding IVR menus available as add-on service
Call recording available as add-on service
Simultaneous ringing of multiple answer points
Real-time management web portal available as bundled service*
Compatible with PBX and Hosted PBX systems
Cost for caller when dialled from landline Local rates apply ~35¢ Free
Cost for caller when dialled from mobile Mobile rates apply Mobile rates apply Mobile rates apply
Fixed caller ID (shows “virtual” number for outgoing calls)
Reports showing details of all incoming calls Immediate access 24-48 hour delay 24-48 hour delay

Feature is available if 1300/1800 number is routed to a Local Connect number as its answer point.