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Our data needs continue to rise as we move deeper into the digital age. And on this quest for higher bandwidth, it’s clear that we have outgrown the century-old copper network. While far from perfect, the new NBN internet and communications infrastructure is expected to provide an alternative for businesses looking for a better and more reliable solution.

Enhanced connectivity through NBN broadband helps businesses boost economic and social growth, whether they’re located in a major CBD or in a remote region. Through a mix of fibre, cable, fixed wireless and satellite technologies, fast and resilient business grade internet services will become available across Australia.

What is NBN?

The National Broadband Network, known as NBN, is an Australia-wide network upgrade that aims to provide access to modern phone and internet services across the country. A majority of the network will use fibre technology which transmits data using light signals, making connections faster and less prone to disturbance. Alltel is a registered NBN provider, delivering fast NBN internet services to businesses.

Alltel NBN is an unlimited internet service, designed to meet the heavy demands of business operations. This service provides asymmetrical speeds from 12/1Mbps to 100/40Mbps using the NBN infrastructure. Compared to ADSL, this service provides higher bandwidth and better reliability at competitive rates. This business internet service gives you access to unlimited data to power tools that will enable you to go bigger and work smarter.

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Why do I need NBNfor my business?

The internet has significantly reduced the cost of services which were previously exclusive to large enterprises. Through an unlimited NBN internet service, your business can take advantage of hosted applications, web services, and collaboration tools without suffering from slower speeds and reduced quality.

As the rollout gains momentum, services on the old copper network will be switched over to the new network. By choosing a business-grade NBN service, expect no congestion from residential users and a high-level of customer service that understands that your time is money.

The NBNnetwork: what businesses need to know

NBN Availability and Coverage Map

The NBN rollout is being carried out in stages across the country until its full completion. Our live interactive map will keep you up to date with the progress of the rollout and current NBN coverage. You may also check the availability of NBN services in your area by entering your full address below. Information will be updated weekly, as Alltel NBN services become available in each city, area, suburb, and town.

Is NBN available in your location?

With the NBN rolled out in stages, some areas will have access to the network before others. Use our interactive map above to check for the status of NBN availability in your area.

What you can do today

Stay updated by leaving your details below, and Alltel will contact you as soon as NBN is available in your area. If you’d like to learn more about alternatives to the NBN, browse through our available Business Internet services below.

Making the switch to NBN

As soon as availability is confirmed in your area, you will have 18 months to arrange for your phone and internet services to be switched over to NBN. Use this time to evaluate your needs with our business readiness checklist, or go straight to our NBN plans to compare solutions.

Preparing your business for the NBN network

As the NBN rollout goes into full swing, it’s important to know that the network switch is not automatic. Apart from your phone and internet equipment, all other systems that rely on your communications and data services must be switched over to the new network.

Is your business ready for NBN? Plan a smooth transition to the NBN with the help our business readiness checklist.

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Preparing your business for the NBN network

Your emergency and alarm systems

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Your NBN readiness checklist

Use this guide to prepare your business for the network migration to the NBN. Follow and check off each item as you finish each step. You may print your checklist or send it as an email for later use.

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Drop your details below and we’ll send you a copy of your checklist.

A business NBN service for the modern workplace

As soon as NBN availability is confirmed in your area, you will have 18 months to carry over your services to the new network. Alltel communications specialists can advise you which of your devices need to be switched over for a smooth transition to NBN.

Get 99.5% service availability with enterprise grade internet services.

Unlimited NBN plans give you the freedom to do data-heavy activities any time of the day.

Get a secured connection with a static IP address that comes included with your business NBN internet service.

Run VPNs and web applications while multiple staff share a single internet connection.

Keep your existing business phone numbers by opting for our NBN + Voice Bundle.

Your NBN broadband service is compatible with our SmartConnect Hosted PBX, OneConnect, and SIP Trunking Services.

Enjoy speeds of up to 100 Mbps on the new and improved communications network.

Generate reports, track your usage and view your other Alltel services through MyAlltel, a self-managed web portal.

More great features

No data caps

No need to worry about shaped speeds and overage charges. Your NBN broadband comes with unlimited uploads and downloads.

Responsive customer support

No waiting in queue with thousands of residential users. Get immediate access to our fast and friendly customer support team for any concerns.

Switch plans any time

Have the ability to upgrade NBN plans as needed (subject to service qualification).

Superior speeds

Transfer your service to Alltel, and get the best deal from our range of NBN plans for business.

Business continuity

Get a resilient and superfast NBN internet service that’s less prone to signal disruptions and changing weather conditions.

Free installation

A standard installation of NBN equipment is completely free of charge.

Achieve peak performance with connections built for the future.

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