A virtual reception solution tailored to your exact needs

A virtual receptionist service gives your business a warm yet professional voice over the phone. At a time when 75% of callers would hang up on voicemail, having a real person on the other end of the line helps you capture more leads and impresses callers with your customer service. Alltel Reception Connect is a live answering service that manages your calls exactly the way you want it, so no opportunity is ever missed.

How will a virtual receptionist handle your calls?

How will a virtual receptionist handle your calls?

Forwards to
your mobile

Customer calls your

Alltel live answering centre

Virtual receptionist

Checks your availability

Connects the call to you

Take your messages

Forwards to
your email

What is a virtual receptionist service?

Reception Connect is a virtual reception service that answers calls in your business name and take messages—just as you or your staff would. This type of live answering is a cost-effective option for small businesses that want to increase their productivity, growing companies that wish to capture more leads, and large enterprises who need reliable support for phone calls.

How virtual receptionists work

Each Reception Connect service starts out as a simple phone answering service. Australian-based operators answer calls in your business name, take your messages, and forward it to you through SMS and email. Your virtual receptionists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Features and boosters can be added to provide more functionality with your service.

Hello, my name is Laura and I’ll be your Virtual Receptionist today. Before we start, can you tell me a little about yourself?
Would you like me to connect your calls directly to you?

Listen to a demo call with a concierge booster.


What if your line is unavailable for transfer?
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How many calls will I be answering for you per day?
Would you like me to answer calls for different departments?
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Listen to how calls for departments are managed by your virtual receptionist.

Additional department

Would you like me to forward additional copies of your messages?
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Would you like me to answer your calls with a personalised greeting?
Would you like me to ask your callers additional questions?
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Would you like me to end your calls with a personalised sign-off?
LauraVirtual Receptionist
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A one of a kind virtual reception solution designed just for you

Impress your customers by answering calls promptly and providing personalised service from a live operator. Reception Connect helps ensure that every call is answered in a friendly voice that speaks volumes about your brand.

It has really helped us dramatically because our customers can ring us 24/7 and speak to someone representing Vendzone!

— Kapila Sheth | Vendzone Pty Ltd


Attempt call transfers more than once

Designate alternate numbers for additional transfer attempts when your line is unavailable, when the concierge option is selected.

Support multiple staff and teams

Have your virtual receptionist answer calls and take messages for different individuals and departments in your business.

Forward copies of your messages

Share information and keep teams up to date by sending copies of messages to more than one recipient via SMS and email.

Customise your welcome and sign-off greetings

Add your personal touch to each call with custom scripts that your virtual receptionist will use to start and end each call.

Require additional question

Use your receptionist as a virtual assistant and ask callers for additional information to book appointments, include requests, or make callbacks more effective.