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Moving over to Alltel was an easy decision considering my previous experience with other providers. Set up was easy, my account was provisioned very quickly and pricing was very competitive.

Like all businesses, the first impression is a lasting impression and having Alltel manage my incoming calls through the reception connect service was ideal for me and having my 1300 number answered by a friendly and professional voice has definitely left a great impression with clients and potential customers. Thanks to the Alltel team!

Posted By: Simon Boutros - Success INC provides administration and secretarial support for businesses and individuals all over Australia, 7 days a week. It is important to us that (1) We have a 1300 phone and fax; so our clients can call us from anywhere and there isn’t that “interstate” barrier, and (2) That our current or potential clients can call us at any time – day, night or weekend and the phone is answered in a professional manner.

I have been in business for 16 years and I have been an Alltel customer for many of those years and always recommend Alltel to clients of mine who want their phone answered. We simply can’t offer the good value for money that Alltel offer. So instead of us answering the phones for our clients, we recommend Alltel to our clients and we provide the service of setting up their account on their behalf. We are pleased to say that numerous clients have taken up this offer.

Posted By: Sharon Philip -

SIMJEN is a BRW 100 Fast Starter and one of the fastest growing marketing companies in Australian history, growing in excess of 300% a year for the last three years. We specialise in helping companies grow rapidly by using unique business strategies and effective marketing solutions.

I started the company in 2009 with only a few grand in my pocket so I know the importance of having a 1300 ‘front’ especially when you’re jumping from one office to another as you outgrow them; nobody likes changing their number every time you change offices plus our national expansion meant that a 1300 number gave us the national impression we wanted from day 1.

At SIMJEN we test and prove all of our products before we offer them to clients; 1300 numbers and IVR are no exception. We now recommend that all of our clients use an ALLTEL 1300 number service and IVR. Of the hundreds of clients we have connected, I have never once heard a complaint which is unheard of in the telco industry. Hat off to you ALLTEL, we support you 100% in your growth and wish you all the success in business.

Posted By: Simon James - SIMJEN.COM Pty Ltd

Alltel has been great in providing my business a pain-free 1300 number service. It’s reliable, affordable and was so easy to set up.

I’ve recommended Alltel to several friends and will continue to do so. With Alltel, it was simply a case of selecting my favourite option, filling in a few details and they had me up and running in barely a few days. Very happy with how smooth and fast everything went, it’s definitely how it should be!

Posted By: Raymond Corcoran - KR2

I started my first business in March 1982 and since I have used every Australian Telco plus in the 1990’s a couple of American based telco’s. All telco’s customer service were disappointing, all making you wait on-hold for anything from a few minutes to 50 minutes just to have a simple question answered. Then when email was available all the major telco’s I dealt with would not accept an email enquiry.

When I rang Telstra and finally spoke to someone they would say “you have the wrong department, I will transfer you” and when you speak to the next person they would say “you have the wrong department, I will transfer you”, it generally took 3 – 5 transfers to get to the correct department, very frustrating and time consuming for a one man business to waste 30 – 50 minute of their day to get a simple answer that should have taken less than a minute. Due to the economic downturn in August 2010 I had to make an important business decision keep both my telephone lines and a dedicated fax line or cancel one telephone line and my dedicated fax line and get a 1300 or 1800 number.

I searched the internet, I read through numerous companies web sites offering 1300 or 1800 numbers including Telstra and Optus, I sent an email to the companies that would accept an enquiry by email and phoned the one’s that would not, Telstra and Optus. Alltel replied the next day, I telephoned them to confirm the costs, waited a couple of days to see if I received any other replies and on September 26, 2010 I completed Alltel’s application form and never had a problem since.

In fact during my time with Alltel I have only had to contact them on three occasions and they were not about any problem just a general question. I have recommended Alltel to a number of my business associates and will keep doing so.

Posted By: William Flynn - Theft Proof Security Products

We began in the PDR Industry over 8 years ago, and then approx 2 years ago decided to start our own business. In this business much of the work is undertaken for large Insurance companies and requires us to travel all over Australia. Initially we began by utilising our mobile phones, but found that this was not terribly efficient or cost effective, especially for our clients, so we needed a way to streamline our incoming work to take advantage of website, yellow pages etc and build our brand.

We decided that a single 1300 number that was advertised through all our media styles, provided clients both private and insurance, a cost effective way of contacting our business, no matter where we were currently working at the time, after which we could refer that work to the appropriate technician for the clients area. Alltel was one of the names that came up when we questioned our accountant about possible 1300 number providers. After some research via the Web, we decided to give Alltel a try.

The service we have received has been exemplary to date. Set up was simple, charges were reasonable and the billing process well explained. Service has been faultless with no downtime or issues. All in all we are very happy with Alltel’s service and would not hesitate to refer them to other possible clientèle.

Posted By: Wendy Ashfield - Planet Hail Team

Neighbourhood Watch NT provides avenues to connect with the community and embrace the concepts of Reducing Preventable Crime and Helping Create Safer Communities. As I am constantly on the move and engaging with the community, Alltel provides a necessary and crucial link in our communication chain.

“Warm”, “Polite” and “Professional” are some of the descriptive comments that I have received from the public using our Alltel Service. Neighbourhood Watch NT truly values the professional standard provided by Alltel and highly recommends the service.

Posted By: Tracy & Dale Middleton - Neighbourhood Watch NT Inc

We have had the services of Alltel for about 2 years now. In these last two years we have moved and grown our business, and our 1300 (which is managed by Alltel) has been an integral part of that. Our clients were able to stay in contact with us during the move via our 1300 number and found it a smooth and reliable transition.

The service provided has been brilliant: you provide a reliable and trustworthy service. My best service providers are the ones I don’t have do anything with: we get a good service, we get a bill, we get direct debited and that’s it!! It’s that easy.

I’ve never had to chase anything up or had any problems. So 5 stars and two thumbs up from us at All Smiles Denture Clinic.

Posted By: Tanya Northey - All Smiles Denture Clinic

What difference does a fair price and great service make? My mate and I started our company (Zepher Tours) in August last year. We knew that a 1300 number would be good for business so we started researching all the major telcos when a friend suggested Alltel.

After comparing many offers we found that Alltel had the best and fairest deal so we decided to give them a go. The result: They have been straight down the line, we have had no problems and found no hidden cost.

We communicate online or via email, but when we have wanted to speak to someone to ask a question or make a change to our setup, they have actually taken the time with us on the phone. Alltel = two thumbs for a fair price and great service.

Posted By: Stuart Wesierski - Zepher Tours

We commenced using Alltel back in July 2010 and as a start-up business, we found the guidance offered by Alltel to be very helpful. Throughout our journey to date, the service provided by Alltel has been excellent.

Any amendments to our service have always been established efficiently and the live answering staff have been very professional in the manner that they handle our calls. Due to the recent signing of key distribution and joint venture partners, our business will be growing rapidly over the next 12 months.

We envisage that Alltel will play a major role in effectively servicing our clients.

Posted By: Steve Farrimond - Frisk Retrieval

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