What the heck is SIP Trunking

Are you running an in-house IP PBX System?
If yes, you could save LOTS of money with Alltel’s SIP Trunking

Most businesses use only 30-40% of their phone lines at any one time. That means that in an office with 10 staff where everyone has their own phone, the business is often paying line rental for 10 separate phone services.

With a SIP Trunking service, you can still have 10 extensions, but pay rental for only the 4 lines that are used simultaneously (and share those 4 lines between all 10 extensions).

SIP Trunking runs over Alltel’s Business-grade VoIP network, so you not only save money on your line rental, you can also take advantage of low VoIP call rates.

How does SIP Trunking work?

To start with, SIP trunking has nothing to do with elephants, swimming trunks or cold beverages!

If you’re familiar with ISDN, you can think of SIP Trunking as its VoIP equivalent.

You still have a direct phone number for every staff member—without the need to pay a line rental on every phone. You pay only for the number of lines you need to use simultaneously, and those lines are shared between all extensions.

From a user’s point of view, a SIP service works just like your traditional landline service in that you make and receive calls in exactly the same way. About the only difference you’ll notice is at the end of each month when your phone bills are significantly lower.

And as your business grows, it’s easy and affordable to add additional lines and extension numbers to your phone system (with the ability to handle up to 100 simultaneous calls).

How much money can you save with SIP Trunking?

We’ll use the example of 10 separate extensions that are able to share 4 simultaneous SIP Trunking lines:

  • Let’s start with line rental.

    Many business phone plans charge around $40 per month for basic rental, so 10 lines = $400. Alltel’s SIP Trunking can provide 4 simultaneous lines for just $32 a month. That’s an annual saving of $4,416!

  • Then there are the all important call costs.

    With VoIP, you pay one low call rate Australia-wide, so that it costs the same to call the other side of the country as it does to call next door. There are also low rates for calling mobile and international numbers, plus FREE calls between all Alltel VoIP customers.

View the VoIP, SIP Trunking and Hosted Phone System brochure here