What is a Smartnumber and Does My Business Need One?

Smartnumbers® are highly memorable phone numbers that are considered to be “the best” 1800, 13 and 1300 numbers available.

A smartnumber can be a valuable marketing tool if it is a highly patterned number, for example 1300 50 10 50.

When smartnumbers can be translated into words, such as 1300 ALLTEL, they are also known as phone words or alpha numbers. A caller dials an alpha number by pressing the corresponding letters on a telephone keypad. Alpha numbers can be easier for callers to remember, especially when they can be linked to an organisation’s name or function, for example 1300 PIZZAS.

These numbers are very easy to remember, which makes the ideal for marketing campaigns. They also provide all of the benefits and flexibility associated with regular 1800, 13 and 1300 numbers.

Why your Business Needs a Smartnumber

  • Improve your customers’ awareness
    These easy-to-remember numbers make valuable marketing tools. For example, 1300 POTATO is much easier to remember than 1300 768 286—especially days or even weeks after first seeing or hearing the advertised number.
  • Endless possibilities
    From an advertising perspective, your alpha number can be displayed in a longer format. For example, you can advertise 1300 SMARTDOG (1300 762 783 64). When someone dials the number, it starts to connect as soon as the 1300 762 783 has been dialled with all excess digits being ignored. (This is referred to as “over dial”.)
  • Flexibility
    You have three years from payment of the winning bid amount to getting the number activated. This allows you to secure the number now but not have to connect it straight away, giving you time to set up your business, marketing or advertising.
  • 1300 and 1800 numbers are awesome!
    Smartnumbers come with all of the flexibility and benefits associated with regular 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers, including portability, built-in reporting, sophisticated routing, and low-cost national calls for your customers.

How to Get a Smartnumber

All smartnumbers are available through the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority).

  1. Visit the www.smartnumbers.com.au web site to search for the number (or range of numbers) you want. You can bid on any numbers that are “Available” or “Scheduled for Auction”.
  2. If the numbers you want are available, you need to register (and pay a once-only fee of $42) to participate in the smartnumber auctions.
  3. To apply for the numbers you want, simply place a bid (there is usually a $250 minimum opening bid). As soon as the opening bid is submitted, the number is automatically scheduled for the next auction. (Auctions typically occur every two weeks.)
  4. Make sure you’re available to monitor your auction on the day. You will be notified via an automated email if a counter bid is placed against you.

Check out the smartnumbers FAQs to find out more about these numbers and the auction process.

Getting your Number Connected

Once you successfully acquire your smartnumber, you can contact your phone company to get it connected. Note that you can use any phone company you want; you are not required to use the carrier you nominated during the auction process.

When selecting a carrier for your smartnumber, we recommend that you do more than just compare prices. The telephone is an essential tool for business, so it’s important to choose a carrier that provides excellent customer service and can always be contacted when you need them. To help you make this decision, we’ve provided a list of considerations in our blog post 1300 Numbers: Which Provider is Right for your Business?

You can also call Alltel on 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835) if you have any questions about obtaining your number.