Live Answering Services for Teams with Alltel Team Messenger

A team answering service that makes your staff shine.

Despite best efforts, even your best employee can sound harried and unenthusiastic over the phone on extremely busy days. This is not the kind of impression you would want to leave someone who’s calling your business for the first time. Alltel Team Messenger helps by stepping in and answering calls whenever you and your staff have too much on your plate.

A team answering service directs enquiries to the most suitable person or department, so you can work without distractions. Prioritise tasks, beat deadlines, and let us at Alltel ease your workload.

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Alltel live
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Professional operator Take messages for
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Identifies recipient Forwards your messages
via SMS and email

What is a team answering service?

Team Messenger is a group answering service that gives your team a warm and friendly voice to support customers over the phone 24/7. Alltel’s live answering service helps growing businesses increase efficiency by taking calls for specific people and departments, and forwarding messages directly to each intended recipient.

Develop individual skills, promote a healthy workload, and move ahead to more valuable responsibilities by giving your staff the time and tools they need to grow. With a little help from our virtual receptionists, you can boost your productivity without having to sacrifice customer service.

How team answering services work

Live answering acts as an extension of your businesses by handling redirected calls from your landline, VoIP, mobile phone, or inbound numbers (13, 1300, and 1800 numbers). When a customer calls, our virtual receptionist answers in your business name, and takes a message for multiple individuals or departments.

Messages are immediately sent to the appropriate person or team via SMS and email, with a copy of posted on your web portal for easy retrieval. Alltel operators are all Australian-based and professionally trained to take calls as you would, so your customers always feel at ease leaving a message. Our range of live answering plans are based on the average number of calls you expect to receive in a month. Get it as a stand-alone service, or enjoy extra savings by getting it as part of a Virtual Office Bundle.

A phone answering service that keeps your balance

Entrepreneurs are known for wearing multiple hats and doing things on their own. But to become successful, you must realise that there are better uses of your time than juggling everything at once. Alltel Team Messenger is an effective tool for delegating to your staff and making sure that the skills of each member of your team are fully utilised.

Encourage more callers to leave a message by having a real person answer calls whenever you’re unavailable.

Separate work from your personal life by using Team Messenger as your after-hours phone answering service.

Give customers 24-hour access to friendly support 365 days a year, weekends and holidays included.

Eliminate the cost of hiring and keeping a dedicated receptionist in your office. Only pay for the number of calls you expect to receive.

Minimise distractions by using Team Messenger as your call overflow option during peak working hours.

Messages are validated and taken accurately so customers don’t need to repeat the same information during call backs.

Never worry about your receptionist taking a holiday or a sick day. Our live operators are available whenever you need them.

Get instant access to your messages via SMS and email. Review messages as they come in and capture leads while they’re hot.

The messages come through to us quickly via SMS and email and it has been a great help to our business!

— Erin McPherson | McPherson Window & Gutter Cleaning

More great features

Highly trained local operators

All calls are answered by local operators at our Australian based call centre and never outsourced overseas.

Easy activation

Team Messenger is compatible with other Alltel services such as Inbound Numbers and Business Phones. Get your service up and running in no time!

Highly customisable

Configure which phones redirect to your phone answering service by requesting changes over the phone or through your web portal.

Scale your business with ease

A telephone answering service supports your growth even as your staff increase and offices multiply.

Switch plans anytime

Change your live answering plan for free. Upgrades take effect the next day, while downgrades apply on the next calendar month.

Manage your service with MyAlltel

Retrieve a copy of your messages and track your usage through a self-managed web portal.

Seen enough? Check out our plans and pricing

Team Messenger vs Messages 24/7 vs Reception Connect

At Alltel, we understand that not all businesses are made equal. This is why we came up with three distinct live answering products, designed to meet your unique requirements. Let’s compare their features to see which type of call answering service hits all your pain points and suits your business best.


Team Messenger

Messages 24/7

Reception Connect

24/7 Answering

Australian Operators

No After-hours Premium

Quick setup

Business Greeting

SMS Message

Email Message

Multiple Staff Messaging


Call Transfer – Untimed



Empower your staff with team messaging services that delegates and automates.

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