Our staff definitely missed many calls (and lost new business opportunities) in the past. Having been highly recommended to Alltel by a business associate, we’ve now captured every call for 2 years running.

Noam Judah | Top Rankings

As I am a mobile broker being able to re route calls from my 1300 number through to my mobile is invaluable. It enables me to capture all of my calls regardless of whether I am in the office or out on the road seeing my clients. I had initially tried to get this service up and running through another service provided, however Alltel were quicker & cheaper.

Thanks for providing a great service!

Jurgen Kehne | Kehne FS Pty Ltd

Our 1300 number was with Optus beforehand. After a simple phone call with Alltel we had the exact same 1300 number but at a cheaper rate. By the end of the day we also had a live answering support service as back up for all of our public enquiries. Now we can relax knowing Alltel is there 24/7 to cover our customer calls ‘LIVE’ if the phone is unanswered in three rings at the office.

If we trade from different office locations in the week, all it takes is one email sent to the Alltel Support Team and they divert our 1300 number to the second line and are ready to answer any missed calls in a heartbeat. Now that’s what I call customer service!

Andy Pudmenzky | Big Budda Boom

Alltel are really incredible. When our support team are inundated with huge call volume, Alltel pick up the slack and our customers still get to speak to a REAL person (Alltel train their staff to answer as though they work for and leave a message for us to call back.

It makes a huge difference in terms of the number of people that bother to leave a message. Before engaging Alltel, our hang-up rate was much higher.

Jeremy Levitt | Service Seeking

Jasmin Solar was established in June 2012, and when I arrived we had no phone system or internet. Without the help of Trent and all the other technical staff at Alltel I don’t know how we would have got the communications systems for the office setup. I must have called the Alltel support staff over 70 times in the setup process and they were always happy to help.

So thanks Alltel, you have been a pleasure to do business with, and we look forward to a long lasting business relationship with your organisation.

Joel Knibbs | Jasmin Solar

We began in the PDR Industry over 8 years ago, and then approx 2 years ago decided to start our own business. In this business much of the work is undertaken for large Insurance companies and requires us to travel all over Australia.

Initially we began by utilising our mobile phones, but found that this was not terribly efficient or cost effective, especially for our clients, so we needed a way to streamline our incoming work to take advantage of website, yellow pages etc and build our brand.

We decided that a single 1300 number that was advertised through all our media styles, provided clients both private and insurance, a cost effective way of contacting our business, no matter where we were currently working at the time, after which we could refer that work to the appropriate technician for the clients area. Alltel was one of the names that came up when we questioned our accountant about possible 1300 number providers. After some research via the Web, we decided to give Alltel a try.

The service we have received has been exemplary to date. Set up was simple, charges were reasonable and the billing process well explained. Service has been faultless with no downtime or issues. All in all we are very happy with Alltel’s service and would not hesitate to refer them to other possible clientèle.

Wendy Ashfield | Planet Hail Team

Alltel from day 1 have helped me position my business with their 1300 number services. Brand awareness and market perception is very important to me and to be able to assist when I was just operating from a room in my home helped a lot.

Now, operating from a office and warehouse complex and employing staff I’m noticing the benefits of their routing services and very recently exceptional voice over artists which I’ve integrated into my own PABX.

Alltel are efficient, versatile and adaptable with fast customer service and have the room to grow, along with your own business.

Matthew Newton | Newtone Entertainment

At Class Cover, we needed a quick 1300 number solution to accommodate our new customers interstate. We did not have time to waste as support calls and customer service for all our clients is one of the backbone’s of our business.

Alltel was incredibly helpful at providing our 1300 number, getting the divert set up and making sure we were underway. It is now a seamless service that allows our customers from all over Australia to be in touch. Many thanks Alltel!

Ben Grozier | Class Cover

We are family owned business that is growing each year we started using Alltel we needed a 1300 number so that our clients could contact us in a more professional manner. As our business grew we introduced the 24/7 live answering to make sure that all of our calls went through to an actual person rather than an answering machine.

The messages come through to us quickly via SMS and email and it has been a great help to our business (especially now that we have a baby on our hands!). We’ve never had an issue with the service and have found Alltel to be a great help for our business.

Erin McPherson | McPherson Window & Gutter Cleaning

We’ve been using your services for about three years now, and I frequently recommend Alltel to my friends and colleagues: you’ve got a highly competitive price and no hassles.

Philip Brookes | Aktiv Tactics

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