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Collaboration and flexibility is the future of work. As customers become more results-oriented, increasing productivity has never been more important for SMEs. Thanks to their size, start-ups and small businesses are nimble enough to try out new technologies that could benefit operations. One particular service that’s gaining steam is Unified Communications.

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Unified Communication Unified Communication Unified Communication Unified Communication Unified CommunicationUnified CommunicationUnified CommunicationUnified Communication Unified Communication Unified Communication

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

Unified Communications (UC) is a feature of hosted phone services that streamlines your business communications under a single application. This functionality can be used by SMEs to replace standard phone services or add flexibility to their existing phone systems.

Alltel SmartConnect® UC is a hosted phone service that allows you to integrate voice, instant messaging, video calls, file sharing, and other collaboration tools under one system. Apart from physical phones, you can access your service through an easy-to-use interface across multiple devices. Alltel’s unified communication system consolidates all your business needs under a single solution.

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Expand your mobility

Access enterprise-grade communications from any of your preferred devices. Switch between your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and other smart devices, without your callers knowing.

Satisfy higher collaboration demands

Exchange information through a cloud-based interface that enables voice & video calls, conferencing, sharing desktop screens, and sending documents on-demand.

Enjoy seamless communications

Check your team’s availability at a glance through the presence feature. Keep the conversation going by sending instant messages when calling is not appropriate.

Keep connections secure

Promote accountability by eliminating the use of personal numbers for business. A UC solution ensures all calls are made and received through your business number.

Building a resilient business

Significantly reduce operational and IT costs with a UC service that is fast and easy to deploy. Guarantee business continuity and minimise the impact of natural disasters, emergencies, or any disruption to your operations.

What are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

  • Creating a hybrid solution that mixes physical phones, desktop, and mobile apps limits the need for hardware on site. As a hosted service, SmartConnect® UC provides significant savings on installation and virtually no maintenance.
  • Maximise your available office space and minimise overhead by having staff work on the road or from home. A business phone system that enables unified communications and collaboration also helps you cut down on travel expenses for site visits, client meetings, and conferences.
  • Save on long distance costs and encourage collaboration among staff across sites, with free Alltel to Alltel calls on the same account. Enjoy low rates for local, national, mobile, 13/1300, and international calls billed in 1-second increments.
  • Deliver a consistent user experience for your staff regardless of endpoint, operating system or network used to access the platform. Unified communication services keep you fully-equipped whether you’re in the office, on the road, or in between sites.
  • Solve customer issues quicker and achieve better engagement through greater collaboration internally. Streamline processes and applications on a single interface for easier access and management.
  • Give your staff greater flexibility and allow them to work where they are most productive. Tap into the best talent across Australia, regardless of where your business is located. A UC service saves staff time and effort of commuting to and from the city.
  • Meet changing seasonal needs by scaling up on busy periods and scaling down as demand settles down. Add or remove users as needed through a highly customisable IP phone service.
  • As a hosted service, your Alltel SmartConnect® UC stays up to date with the latest features without the need for hardware upgrades. Everything is handled and monitored on our end, so you only get the best of what this technology has to offer.
  • Straightforward solution with predictable costs for each employee. Minimal training needed since it uses the person’s preferred device. Take advantage of the familiarity of mobile devices.
  • No need to hire an IT team or sign up for a costly maintenance contract to monitor your phone system. Our team ensures that your service is up and running 24/7, so your customers are never let down.
  • Have the ability to work from anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. Your UC service allows operations to run even if your office becomes inaccessible due to outages, emergencies, or inclement weather.
  • Reduce the need for callbacks by seamlessly transferring calls between devices. Start a call from your desk phone and continue it via mobile as you leave the office without ending the call.

Your Direct In Dial (DID) numbers are more than just regular phone numbers. These virtual numbers help widen your presence by giving you a ‘local’ business number for each area you do business in. Encourage more calls by offering local rates to your customers, regardless of where your business is physically located. You have the option to get new numbers or keep your existing landline, VoIP, 1300 and 1800 numbers by transferring your service to Alltel.

Setting-up Your SmartConnect® UC (Requirements & Hardware)

Your Alltel SmartConnect® UC service is run over the internet which means the clarity of your calls depends on the quality your connection. As a rule of thumb, you need to be able to sustain 100 Kbps up and down with less than 4ms jitter. You can determine the compatibility of your connection through a PING test.

You should get results of:

  • Line Quality of Good or above
  • MOS of 4 or above
  • Ping of less than 100 ms
  • Packet Loss of 0%

Even with good results from a PING test, there are other conditions such as network and router capabilities that may impact your service which a speed test will not see. Heavy data users that work with large files or want 6 or more extensions may need a dedicated internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support your requirements. Alltel-provided phones typically use the G729 Codec, which uses the following average amounts of bandwidth for audio calls:

1 minute call = 234 Kilobytes
1 hour call = 13.71 Megabytes

These estimates are for a single direction only and assume one phone being used. If your provider charges for uploads as well as downloads, you will need to double these estimates. Our business consultants will also help you determine how much bandwidth is needed for your service.

More great features

Enjoy complete flexibility with a communications solution that can be accessed through physical or soft-phones.

Track the availability of your staff through a presence feature that lets you know when each user is free to contact.

Enjoy expanded conferencing scale that supports up to 30 video and 100 audio participants.

Use a single reach number that can be used on up to 35 separate devices per user.

Advanced mobility features allow you to move calls between devices seamlessly and on the fly.

Boost collaboration with unified messaging, video, chat, conference calling and content sharing on your desktop and mobile.

SmartConnect® UC can be integrated with common business applications such as Outlook, Dynamics, and Salesforce.com.

Generate reports, track your usage, and manage your services through MyAlltel, a self-managed web portal.

SmartConnect® UC Add-Ons

Alltel business phone systems support a full range of advanced yet cost-effective features that boost your productivity and gives your business a professional image. Get in touch with our consultants to get a customised solution for your specific requirements.


Feature Enhancements

Record your calls to ensure the quality of your customer interactions. Use call recordings to provide valuable feedback to your teams, capture information accurately, and improve regulatory compliance with legal or industry standards.

Integrate SmartConnect® with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool to gain quick access to client and lead information for every call. Identify opportunities and strategise for growth by combining sales and customer service data.

Use your own recording and assign an email address to receive and access voice messages online.


Call Centre Solutions

Provide your business with a fully functional call centre; with basic queueing capabilities & other functions such as agent states, supervising, and reporting.

Get all the features of an Enhanced Call Queue, along with advanced queueing capabilities including Call Forward Selective, Night Service, and Holiday Service.


User Applications

An application that provides your receptionist full visibility over your phone system, and allows them to handle calls for multiple sites and users seamlessly.

A PC console application that allows you to manage calls, check the status of each extension, and distribute calls to connected sites.

Manage the queue and check the call status of each agent through an easy-to-use web application.

Make and receive phone calls over the internet through an application that extends business phone capabilities to your desktop and mobile.


Group Add-ons

An IVR solution that gives customers the ability to navigate their own calls to their intended user or department. Create a customised menu for business hours, after-hours and holidays.

Boost your IVR system with additional features such as Call Forward and Call Forward Selective that redirects calls based on pre-set conditions.

Forward calls to the next available user, when the first line in the hunt group is unavailable by customising your Call Forward settings.

Redirect calls to specific users within the hunt group based on a set of pre-determined conditions by configuring your Call Forward and Call Forward Selective settings.

Get a dedicated group voicemail service for your business phone system.


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Support greater workplace flexibility through unified communication
solutions that drive change.

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