Unlimited Internet via Ethernet

A cost effective and reliable internet service capable of delivering up to 20Mbps symmetrical speed* with unlimited data

Do you…

sharing same adsl connection

hosted telephony

use web applications (Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox)

happy and efficient staff

If you answered YES to any of these questions, read on…

What is Unlimited Internet via Ethernet?

Alltel Unlimited Internet via Ethernet is a fast and reliable symmetrical internet service providing speeds from 4Mbps – 20Mbps. Symmetrical bandwidth maximises your communication efficiency in delivering and receiving data by having the same upload and download speeds. It is delivered by using multiple copper lines, giving you a higher availability rate versus traditional ADSL services.

Ethernet is the technology of choice for businesses that want to stay up to date, competitive and most of all–efficient. While fibre continues to dominate for its ability to deliver high bandwidth and reliability, the cost of installing fibre to the premises can be prohibitive for startups and small businesses.

Unlimited Internet via Ethernet is a low cost option for entrepreneurs that need a better internet connection for expanded operations. This business broadband Ethernet service is intended for SMEs who require constant throughput of data regardless of time of day of use, or other environmental factors.

The biggest advantage of Ethernet is that it provides operating savings because of its simplicity. Copper networks are the most prevalent network access technology as of the moment. Another gain from this technology is its flexibility in terms of network design, installation, turn up and maintenance. Using existing infrastructure not only lets you enjoy the benefits of a resilient copper based service but lets you experience increased speeds without the need for end to end fibre lines.

Bring new life to your copper loops while keeping your cost down and your speeds up. Internet delivered via Ethernet uses regular copper pairs to connect your network to the exchange. This makes it relatively easy to connect your premises to the network through your exchange. Installation times are definitely quicker and more affordable because there are no excess construction costs that are typically related with fibre installation. The number of copper pairs you need depends on your distance from the exchange. Bandwidth delivered through Ethernet is uncontended, this simply means that you are not sharing bandwidth with other users at peak times.

With a regular ADSL broadband connection, you’re connectivity relies on a single line. So in the event that a piece of hardware in your exchange fails, you could completely lose service. That’s a big risk, especially if your business requires access to a steady and reliable internet connection for your main business operations. A multi-paired service gives you a more reliable internet connection. This guarantees that if one line malfunctions or gets damaged, you’ll still be able to use your connection, just with reduced performance.

As an unlimited internet service, this is an ideal option for entrepreneurs that want to run multiple applications such as VoIP, VPNs, hosted applications, and have multiple employees sharing a single internet connection. Enjoy the flexibility of Unlimited Internet via Ethernet by choosing between our 12, 24, and 36 month plans.

Ethernet is available in 420 exchanges and growing. To determine if this business Ethernet service is available in your location, please call us for a service qualification check.

  • No shaping speed
  • No data quota
  • No restrictions

What’s Included?

Unlimited upload and download data
Static IP address
Network termination unit to connect the service to your internal networks
99.5% service connection availability
24/7 access to our customer support team