Unlimited Internet via Ethernet plan details & charges

The greatest advantage of Unlimited Internet via Ethernet is that it uses existing physical infrastructure to transfer high bandwidth data. This makes easier to install, maintain, and run. Most of all, this is a more reliable alternative to ADSL and a more cost-effective option compared to fibre.

Unlimited Internet via Ethernet is available in 420 exchanges and growing. Call us with your service address and/or phone number to determine availability at your location.

4Mbps – 10Mpbs Unlimited 8Mbps – 20Mpbs Unlimited
Symmetrical speeds* up to 10 Mbps up to 20 Mbps
Included data Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly access fee $228.15 $363.15
24 mth set-up fee $598.80 $598.80
Total minimum cost (24 mths) $6,574.80 $10,174.80

Terms and conditions: *Actual speeds may vary based on a range of factors including distance from
your local exchange, availability & quality of copper, electrical interference, internal cabling, RIM or pair gain may limit and/or connection speed. Service is handed off as Ethernet service and you will be required to supply your own router. Further information is available via Critical Information Summary.