Premium Virtual Office Locations with Alltel Virtual
Business Address

Boost your profile through a virtual address service for small business.

The journey to success is a steep climb for startups and small business. For entrepreneurs like you, the challenge starts with building your brand’s credibility. Along with professional business numbers and answering services, a well-known CBD address may just be the thing you need to boost your profile.

For businesses that can’t commit to a huge deposit for a lease, a virtual business address is the next best solution. Alltel Virtual Address is a service that lets you choose an office building from Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth to use as your business address.

What is a Virtual Address?

Alltel Virtual Addresses are virtual mailing addresses that give the impression of an established business in one of Australia’s CBDs. Along with being able to use these locations on your marketing collaterals, this service gives you immediate access to correspondence sent to your business through our mail scanning and mail forwarding services.

How does a virtual address service work?

Set-up your virtual office address by choosing from one of our Brisbane, Sydney and Perth locations. Once your service has been confirmed, you may start using the address to advertise your business. Any post addressed to your business will be collected by our secretary and forwarded to your preferred address.

Get a virtual business address in


1 Bligh Street, Sydney

Governor Phillip Tower, Sydney

Aurora Place, Sydney

Australia Square, Sydney

Northpoint Tower, Sydney

Virtual Address Sydney


111 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Virtual Address Brisbane


108 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Virtual Address Perth

More great features

Use a premium address on your business cards, letterhead, and corporate collaterals.

No missed deliveries and no waiting around your office to wait for packages to arrive.

This virtual address service gives you access to our mail forwarding service from any location worldwide.

Boost your credibility without the commitment and cost of renting commercial space at a building in the city.

Choose a flexible 3-month term or get as much as 5% discounts on our 6-month contract term.

Take advantage of our mail scanning service, included at no additional cost.

Protect your privacy by keeping your home address private and using a separate business address instead.

Track and manage your Alltel services through My.Alltel, your self-managed web portal.

Establish a local presence with a virtual office business
address in the city.

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