Virtual Office Services

Enjoy big business services on a startup budget with Alltel Virtual Office Solutions.

Stand out and create a great first impression with a virtual office mailing address at a prestigious Australian CBD. Choose from a wide selection of professional voice message recordings for your interactive response menus and business introduction greeting. Send and receive faxes online with a Fax2Email (fax to email) and Email2Fax (email to fax) service.

Fax2Email / Email2Fax

Fax2Email | Email2Fax allows you to receive and send faxes with no need for a fax machine (and its associated running and maintenance costs). Enables you to access and control your faxes when you’re away from the office. Receiving faxes in digital form also makes them easy to forward, file and archive.

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Voiceover Recording

Voiceover Recording is used to provide your callers with a good first impression of your business.

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Virtual Addresses

Give your customers the impression of stability and permanency by advertising a building address in prestigious CBD locations like Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Alltel Virtual Mailing Addresses allow you to build your customer’s trust and provide them a sense of security that using a PO Box number or a residential address does not offer.

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Voice2Email allows you to receive telephone voicemail messages with no need for an answering machine. Instead, you can receive voice messages using your computer or smartphone anywhere that you have email access.

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Business Intro

Business Intro is a professionally recorded greeting that announces your business to the caller before the call is connected to you, your Live Answering service,or any other destination phone number you choose.

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Call Forwarding Menus (IVR)

Call Forwarding Menus (IVR) provides a convenient and efficient way to direct incoming calls to the correct person or department within your company (e.g. “for sales, press 1; for support, press 2″). It can also help to make your business look larger than it is: the caller never needs to know that sales and support calls are directed to the same person!


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