Alltel Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist supports busy individuals and companies by providing live phone answering services whenever you need it. When the service is activated, your calls are redirected to our Melbourne-based professional operators that answer in your business name, takes your messages, and forwards it in real-time through SMS and email.

We understand that every business is unique, so why settle for a one-size fits all solution for your calls? Unlike other telephone answering services, our Alltel Virtual Receptionist service is fully customisable to match your exact needs. Add questions so you can use it as a call overflow, after-hours, emergency, or as an appointment scheduling service. Make it even more personal with custom welcome and sign-off greetings.

We’re not just answering calls for you, we’re helping you manage your time and resources wisely. Our Australian-based virtual receptionists make sure that your calls are answered professionally, and that no opportunities are ever missed. You can even extend this service to your staff and teams, or have calls transferred to you much like an in-house receptionist would—the possibilities are endless.

How will Alltel handle my calls when I can’t?

How will Alltel handle my calls when I can’t?

24/7 telephone answering service live answering operator client portal message sent via SMS message sent via email

Caller phones your business

If your phone is engaged or you’re unable to answer for any reason, the caller can be redirected to an Alltel virtual receptionist

Alltel live answering operator answers in your business name and takes a message for a particular person or department in your business

Messages are sent via SMS

Messages are sent via Email

Messages can be accessed on your client portal

Advanced features for your Virtual Reception Service

Support and answer calls for multiple staff and teams

Concierge call transfers based on your availability

Use personalised welcome greetings and sign-off

Send copies of your messages to multiple recipients

Add custom fields or require additional questions


Reception Connect is a fully customisable virtual receptionist service that helps businesses answer phone calls, take messages, and relay messages in real-time. From one basic service, we’re giving you the power to add individual features and boosters to create a solution tailor-fit for your business.

A basic answering service to capture leads

During business hours, your virtual receptionist can handle call overflow or take messages when you need to step out for an important meeting. After-hours, this service will help you unplug from work.

Reception Connect helps small businesses to large enterprises maintain a high level of customer service by having a real person handle phone enquiries, whenever you can’t.

A team messaging service to boost productivity

You can expand the coverage of your service by extending it to multiple staff and teams. A live operator will help you minimise distractions by directing each message to the right person or department.

By using Reception Connect for team answering services, you can rest assured that all customer concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.

A complete virtual reception solution to build your brand

If you need something more than a message taking service, your virtual receptionist can be configured as a virtual assistant who checks your availability and transfers calls directly to you.

This is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time receptionist in your office. Reception Connect won’t take sick days or unexpected days off—it’s just like we’re sitting right in your office

Hello, my name is Laura and I’ll be your Virtual Receptionist today. Before we start, can you tell me a little about yourself?
Would you like me to connect your calls directly to you?

Listen to a demo call with a concierge booster.


What if your line is unavailable for transfer?
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How many calls will I be answering for you per day?
Would you like me to answer calls for different departments?
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Listen to how calls for departments are managed by your virtual receptionist.

Additional department

Would you like me to forward additional copies of your messages?
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Would you like me to answer your calls with a personalised greeting?
Would you like me to ask your callers additional questions?
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Would you like me to end your calls with a personalised sign-off?
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