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Professionally recorded Voice and Presentation styles to suit your business.

Professionally recorded telephone greetings and IVR selection menus provide your callers with a good first impression of your business.

Prices for this service vary depending on the length and complexity of your recording. Please contact Alltel on 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835) for a detailed quote.

Female Voice Samples

  • Female Voice: F1

  • Female Voice: F2

  • Female Voice: F3

  • Female Voice: F4

  • Female Voice: F5

  • Female Voice: F6

  • Female Voice: F7

  • Female Voice: F8

Male Voice Samples

  • Male Voice: M1

  • Male Voice: M2

  • Male Voice: M3

  • Male Voice: M4

  • Male Voice: M5

  • [No longer available]

  • Male Voice: M7

  • Male Voice: M8

  • Male Voice: M9

  • Male Voice: M10

  • Male Voice: M11

  • Male Voice: M12

  • Male Voice: M13

  • Male Voice: M14

  • Male Voice: M15

Business Intro Samples

  • Female Voice: F2

  • Male Voice: M3