Voice2Email (Voice to Email)

Do you respond to all of your urgent voicemail messages quickly?
Or, do you sometimes not notice when someone leaves a voicemail message?

Voicemail is a super-convenient tool for capturing caller details at times when you’re not able to take a call (for example, when you’re away from your desk, already on the phone, or outside of normal office hours).

Unfortunately, you don’t always know when someone leaves you a message. Some phones have flashing lights or play whirring noises in the background—but if you’re away from your phone or focused on other things, it might take several hours before you realise that a message is waiting for you!

When someone leaves an urgent message, you need a system that notifies you immediately. That’s where Voice to Email comes in.

With Alltel’s Voice2Email, your calls are answered with a custom recording that asks callers to leave a message for you. That message is then converted to a sound file (e.g. WAV) and sent to you immediately as an email message attachment.

This gives you quick and convenient access to your messages from anywhere you have email access (including from your smartphone).

How does Voice2Email work?

When you sign up for Voice2Email, we provide you with a dedicated local phone number (e.g. 02, 03, 07 or 08) for your service. You can route your 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers to this number (as an answer point).

When someone phones your number, they hear your custom recorded greeting asking them to leave a message. The message they leave is received at our central server. We convert the message to a WAV file, and then send it as an email attachment to your designated email address.

To listen to your message, you simply double-click the email attachment to open it. (Note that appropriate software is required to listen to the WAV format files.)


Voice2Email is compatible with the following Alltel services:

Voice2Email functionality is also included as a standard feature (at no additional cost) with the following Alltel services:

View the Fax2Email/Email2Fax and Voice2Email brochure here