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Effortless communications with an online voicemail solution.

Missed calls are lost opportunities for small business. But as every entrepreneur knows, answering your phones is just one of many tasks required to keep a business running. So how do you ensure that your customers don’t feel neglected whenever you can’t take their calls? At times like these, a professional voicemail service helps encourage your callers not to hang up and to leave you a voice message.

Thanks to advances in technology, voicemail has come far from its analog beginnings. Today, listening to your voicemail is as easy as retrieving an email. Alltel Voice2Email (Voice to Email) revolutionises the way you receive and manage voice messages with a professional cloud based voicemail solution.

What is Voice2Email?

Your Voice2Email is a business voicemail service that gives access to your voice messages on any of your preferred devices, so long as you have an internet connection. Voice to email services are convenient tools for receiving and managing your voicemail through your assigned email.

Tracking and retrieving messages is made easy by consolidating your voicemail under one service. Having it all online means no more switching between multiple inboxes, and taking notes to forward messages to colleagues.

Take your voicemail online and enjoy significant savings. Get your Alltel Voice2Email as a standalone service, or get more value by getting it as a part our Virtual Office Services bundle.

How does a virtual voicemail service work?

Each voicemail to email service comes with a dedicated local phone number. You can use this as a redirection point for calls from any existing phone lines; including your 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers.

Your calls are answered by a custom greeting that requests the caller to leave a message. Once a message is recorded on our central server, it is converted to a WAV sound file.

After conversion, your message will be immediately sent to your designated email address as an email attachment. To listen to your message, simply double click the attachment to open it.

Caller leaves voice message Message received on server, converted to AVI file Open attached file

Caller leaves a voice message

Someone leaves a voice message for you on your phone

Our voice server

The voice message is received by our server, converted to an AVI file, attached to an email, and sent to you


Simply double-click the attached file to open and listen to it

More great features

Have all your voice messages in digital format for easy archiving, retrieval, and sharing.

Increase response rates in or outside of your office by accessing your voicemail anytime, anywhere.

Keep your overhead low with a voice to email service that requires no hardware and maintenance.

Protect confidential information by keeping messages in your email and controlling access to your voicemail.

Deleted a voicemail by mistake? No worries. Your My.Alltel portal acts as a secure backup where all messages you receive are posted.

Enjoy complete flexibility with no lock-in and minimum term contracts.

Switch plans anytime for free. Upgrades take effect the next business day, Downgrades on the next calendar month.

Stop missing important voicemails. Get instant notification for every voice message you receive.

Compatibility with Alltel services

Voice2Email can be used on any home, business or mobile phone service. It is also a recommended add-on for your Alltel inbound numbers. As an added feature, this service is billed on top of your inbound number plan.

This voicemail service comes standard with Alltel Local Connect, SmartConnect, and OneConnect. As an included feature, it comes at no additional cost to you.

Professional voice talent

For better customisation, businesses can have their own greeting recorded, or you can enlist the services of our professional voice talents. Alltel has a variety of male and female voice-over professionals available, to help you find the most suitable voice to represent your business.

Female Voice: F1

Female Voice: F2

Female Voice: F4

Female Voice: F5

Female Voice: F6

Female Voice: F7

Female Voice: F8

Male Voice: M1

Male Voice: M2

Male Voice: M3

Male Voice: M4

Male Voice: M5

Male Voice: M6

Male Voice: M7

Male Voice: M8

Male Voice: M9

Male Voice: M10

Male Voice: M11

Male Voice: M12

Male Voice: M13

Male Voice: M14

Female Voice: F2

Male Voice: M3

Minimise abandoned calls with customisable business voicemail solutions.

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