13 numbers make you stand out from the crowd.

Enhance your inbound number with these features.
hunt group

Location-based routing

call forwarding menu (ivr)

Hunt group

call splaying

State-based routing

call overflow

Postcode prompting

call forward

Call forwarding menus (IVR)

state-based routing

Call splaying

local-based routing

Call forward

postcode prompting

Time of day routing

time and day-based routing

Call overflow

call reporting

Call reporting

supports multiple offices

Supports multiple offices

business intro

Business Intro™

Enhance your inbound number
with these features.

Get a 13 number that is as unforgettable as your business.

When short and sweet is best.

A 13 number is a cut above the rest. With only six-digits in total, 13 numbers are highly memorable and easy to dial. If you’re after business phone number that makes the ultimate statement for your brand, then get a 13 number with Alltel.

Just like 1300 or 1800 number services, 13 numbers have all the flexibility of any inbound number services, allowing you to manage your incoming calls and routing them across multiple offices or locations.

Why choose a 13 number for your business?

One obvious difference between 13 numbers and 1300 or 1800 numbers is the length of the phone number. With only six digits Including the 13 prefix, 13 numbers typically look like 13 XX XX or 13 XXXX, making them super easy to recall.

Calls to 13 numbers are charged at local call rates from any fixed line in Australia. Being a fully virtual number service, 13 numbers can be configured to manage very high call volumes, redirecting inbound calls to multiple answerpoints at different times of day and even based on the caller’s postcode or location. This makes 13 numbers a very powerful business tool for managing call flows and efficiencies.

13 numbers costs explained.

Unlike 1300 and 1800 numbers, the rights of use to 13 numbers are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). This means that you will have to apply through the ACMA to acquire the right to use the 13 number for your business. The cost of a 13 number does vary depending on the availability and the number you choose. The cost is set entirely by the ACMA.

Additionally, 13 numbers attract a yearly government surcharge to enable continual use. For this reason, 13 numbers are typically used by medium to larger enterprises for its memorability and brand recognition.

What is a 13 number?

13 numbers are six-digit inbound numbers that customers can call at local call rates. Since these are shorter than 1300 and 1800 numbers, established businesses in highly competitive industries use these numbers to improve customer recall and attract more sales.

The rights of use to 13 numbers are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority or ACMA. The cost of each number starts at $250 upwards. This varies depending on the demand and memorability of the number. Once you have acquired the rights of use to your 13 number, Alltel will get it activated for you.

How do 13 numbers work?

As a virtual service, 13 numbers are not restricted to a single geographic location. Calls to a 13 number are automatically redirected to one or more of your existing phone services. Customise which phones your inbound number ring to; based on time and day, location, or your availability.

The cost of 13 number calls are split between the caller and the business. Calls from any fixed line in Australia are charged a standard local rate while mobile rates may vary, depending on the caller’s carrier. Aside from setup and monthly costs, 13 numbers come with an additional government surcharge of $7980 per year or $848.84 per month (excluding GST).

Make it easy for customers to
remember you.

With today’s distracted market, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and be a memorable brand. 13 numbers give you a competitive edge with an easy recall number and features that can take your business to the next level.

Alltel are efficient, versatile and adaptable with fast customer service and have the room to grow along with your own business.

— Matthew Newton | Newtone Entertainment

Unlock features and unsurpassed recognition.

Easy recall

Brand recognition is everything. Your phone number can be just as memorable as the quality of your service.

Make live changes online

Manage your service online using My Alltel customer portal. Update your details and pay your bill easily.

No contracts

We offer simple and straightforward plans with no hidden charges. Stay with us because you want to.

Multiple routing options

Whether you operate from one office or have multi-sites across Australia, a 13 number can be customised to manage your call flows.

Get insightful reports

Get access to inbound call reports. See insightful call statistics such as caller locations, peak times and calls you’ve missed.

Fast activation

Once you have acquired the rights of use for your new 13 number, we can have you all set up and running in no time.

Answer your business calls anywhere, anytime

Calls to 13 numbers can be answered your mobile, office phone or have them redirected to live answering operator.

Flexible call management

Every business is different. Set up your 13 number so that it works for your business - not someone else’s.

Plans & pricing

Pair services that can make your 13
number work harder for you.

Give the ultimate customer experience by adding services such as call forwarding menu for customers to direct their call. Add professional recorded messages or a live answering service to ensure your customers are always put first.

Live answering service

Advanced routing options

Business Intro

Call forwarding menus (IVR)

Compare your business phone number options and pick what’s right for you.


Can you take your number with you wherever you go or if your business relocates?

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Can you manage your incoming call flows based on your availability, time and day or the caller’s location?

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Can you access inbound call reports?

13 Numbers

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Does your number have a national presence?

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Can you manage your number and make changes online?

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Does your business number give a professional image for your brand?

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Does your business number offer free local/landline calls?

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Government fees

Do you have to pay an annual a government surchage?

13 Numbers

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More great features

Fast activation

Once you’ve secured the rights of use to your 13 number, we’ll get it up and running in as little as 1 business day.

No special hardware

Receive calls on any of your existing phone lines without affecting your ability to call out.

Free routing options

Direct your calls anywhere in Australia and across time zones at no added cost.

No lock-in contracts

We’ve ditched fixed-term contracts for simple and straightforward plans with no hidden charges.

Switch plans anytime

Change your 13 number plan for free. Upgrade or downgrade your service as your needs change.

Manage your number using MyAlltel

Request changes to your service and access free built-in call reports through a self-managed web portal.


Enhance your 13 number

Alltel business 13 numbers work best with add-ons that give you full control over the customer experience. Make every business call an enjoyable experience with inbound number enhancements that make you more responsive and productive.

Routing Options

Manage your call flow by choosing from thousands of configurations available. Whether you want simple or complex redirection schemes, our expert consultants will help you design a solution that suits your exact business needs.

Business Intro™

Make an impact with a professionally recorded message that plays at the start of every call. Rest assured that each business call is answered with the correct business name and pronunciation, regardless of who or which site takes the call.

Voice Prompt Menu

Minimise long holds and wrong transfers by giving your callers the ability to direct their own calls. Your callers connect to specific locations, departments or team members by selecting from a customised menu. For example, ‘Press 1 for Finance, Press 2 for Sales’, etc.

Live Phone Answering

Alltel’s professionally trained operators are ready to answer your business calls round the clock, 365 days a year. Our Australian-based virtual receptionists greet callers in your business name, takes messages, and immediately sends you the details via SMS and email.

Make 13 numbers the ultimate extension of your brand.