13 numbers: A guide for your business

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson
13 Numbers: A guide for your business

Many reputable companies use 13 numbers to further strengthen brand awareness and improve customer recall, ultimately driving more sales.

Shorter than 1300 and 1800 numbers, 13 numbers feature the same unique flexibility of inbound number services that allow you to manage incoming calls and route them across different locations, providing a simple, cost-effective way to broaden your business’ reach.

In this guide, we’ll explain how 13 numbers work, the costs of setting up the service, and how to finally get your own 13 number.

What is a 13 number?

Beginning with ‘13’ and followed by four unique digits, 13 numbers are commonly used as the single contact point for businesses across Australia. Customers can call from any fixed line and are charged at local call rates, allowing your company to compete in local markets, on a national level.

Requiring no cabling system or high-priced infrastructure, 13 numbers use existing landlines or mobile networks, making them easy to set up.

Being a fully virtual number service, 13 numbers can be configured to handle very large call volumes, enabling your company to divert incoming calls to designated answer points almost instantly and even based on the caller's location or postcode.

How does a 13 number work?

A 13 number automatically routes incoming calls to your mobile, voicemail or any designated line. Based on the time of day, location, or your availability, you may completely choose which phones your 13 number rings to. This gives your business the option to redirect calls during periods of heavy traffic.

Additionally, because callers to your 13 number are greeted with a personalized message, your company projects a very professional image. Customer messages can be turned into audio files and delivered to a number of different emails.

Since 13 numbers are not tied to a certain area, your company can take the same number wherever it goes throughout Australia, thus improving your business’ mobility.

Are 13 numbers free to call?

Standard local call charges apply to calls made from a fixed line in Australia, to a 13 number. The call's cost is split between the caller and the business, and this is often a low, untimed charge.

While most mobile phone plans generally include unlimited calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers, call charges to a 13 number via mobile are determined by the service provider.

How much does a 13 number cost?

Unlike 1300 and 1800 inbound numbers, it is the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) that regulates the usage of 13 numbers. In order to obtain permission to use a 13 number for your business, you must first submit an application through the ACMA. Moreover, a 13 number's cost is set entirely by the ACMA and varies depending on availability and number you select.

In addition to setup costs and ongoing monthly fees, 13 numbers have a yearly government surcharge of $7980, or $848.84 per month (excluding GST), to allow for continuous use.

Where can I buy a 13 number?

An expanded business presence, increased marketing response rates, enhanced brand awareness- a short, easy to recall 13 number is one of the most valuable tools your business can have.

Once you have successfully acquired the rights of use to your 13 number, Alltel will get it activated and help your brand rise above the rest.

Alltel’s 13 number plan comes inclusive of government surcharge (usually $7980 per year), so you only pay one simple monthly fee. Apart from the $795 monthly charge, there is a one-time setup charge of only $50. Basic Australia-wide, state-based, and standard time-based routing are provided with your 13 number at no additional charge.

See our complete flexible and transparent pricing plans, and experience great service at lower rates. To learn more, visit us at alltel.com.au or call 1300 ALLTEL to get a 13 number as unforgettable as your business.

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