1300 Number and 1800 Number postcode prompting

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
1300 Number and 1800 Number Postcode Prompting

Let your customers decide where their calls go.

One of the most popular routing options for 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers allows large businesses to automatically direct incoming calls to the caller's closest office/outlet. (The caller's location is determined based on their landline number.)

Unfortunately, this doesn't work for everyone:

  • The network can't determine the location of callers using mobile phones.
  • The caller may be dialling from a number that is in a different location from the service they require (e.g. calling from work when looking for a business close to home).

Postcode prompting fixes both of these problems.

With postcode prompting, calls to 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are answered with a recorded greeting that asks the caller to enter a 4-digit postcode.

Callers have the option to enter either their current postcode or one for a different location (for example, close to work or home). This provides them with total flexibility and allows them to speak to the office/outlet that is most convenient to them.

This service is ideal for large franchise-style organisations to provide a smooth, consistent brand for the business at the same time as allowing callers to quickly reach their desired outlet or office.

Postcode Prompting Benefits

Postcode prompting provides many benefits for both businesses and their customers:

  • Customers choose where their calls are routed.
  • Businesses save time and money (more calls going to the right office/outlet reduces the need to transfer and double-handle calls).
  • All calls are answered and handled consistently.
  • Branding can be supported and reinforced with a custom-recorded message.
  • Routing calls by postcode provides great flexibility and granularity for large franchise-style organizsations with multiple outlets.


The postcode prompting service comes with the following standard recorded greeting that is used to answer all calls: "Thank you for calling. Please enter your postcode."

You also have the option to create your own custom message (using Alltel's Business Intro service) and add some branding and personalisation, for example

  • Thank you for calling ABC Company. For your call to be connected, please enter your 4-digit postcode.
  • Hello and welcome to ABC Company. Please enter your postcode to be connected to one of our helpful team members.
  • Welcome to ABC Company. Please enter your postcode to be connected through to your closest store.

Refer to the Alltel web site for more information about Postcode Prompting and its associated costs and fees.

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