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Enhance your inbound number with these features.
hunt group

Location-based routing

call forwarding menu (ivr)

Hunt group

call splaying

State-based routing

call overflow

Postcode prompting

call forward

Call forwarding menus (IVR)

state-based routing

Call splaying

local-based routing

Call forward

postcode prompting

Time of day routing

time and day-based routing

Call overflow

call reporting

Call reporting

supports multiple offices

Supports multiple offices

business intro

Business Intro™

Enhance your inbound number
with these features.

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Imagine getting a phone number that is also a powerful tool for your business. 1300 numbers can do exactly that. A virtual business phone number, a 1300 number can be customised to help you manage your incoming calls, allowing you to operate your business, your way.

Whether you’re a small business in a home office or a large organisation, 1300 numbers offer unrivalled functionality and flexibility.

The question is, how would you like your 1300 number to work for you?

What is a 1300 number?

A 1300 number is a ten-digit inbound number that your business can use as a single point of contact across Australia, allowing you to attract customers from outside of your local area.

1300 numbers are often referred to as ‘local call numbers’ because your customers can call you from any landline anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. Because 1300 numbers are virtual business numbers, you can redirect your calls to different answerpoints depending on how your business operates. Incoming calls to your 1300 number can be answered on your mobile, landline, office phones or hosted phone systems.

When a call is made to a 1300 number from a fixed landline, the caller is charged at local call rate regardless of the state or location they are in. Mobile rates vary, depending on the caller’s mobile carrier. The cost of a 1300 number call is shared between the caller and your business.

Get a phone number
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Get a 1300 number with Alltel to boost your visibility and reach more customers Australia-wide. Make your business look more professional, build credibility, get great flexibility and call management to help your business grow.

Alltel was incredibly helpful at providing our 1300 Number and making sure we were underway.
It is now a seamless service that allows our customers from all over Australia to be in touch.

— Ben Grozier | Class Cover

Great 1300 number features and benefits.

Fast activation

We can get your 1300 number up and running in as little as one business day. Select from a huge list of available numbers you can set up straight away.

No contracts

We’ve ditched fixed-term contracts for simple and straightforward plans with no hidden charges. Switch plans anytime and add compatible services.

Free redirection (routing) options

You don’t need any special hardware for your 1300 number. Answer calls on your mobile, office phone or have them redirected to live answering operator.

Get insightful reports

Ever wondered how many people are calling your business? With access to inbound call reports, you can see insightful call statistics such as caller locations, peak times and calls you’ve missed.

Flexible call management

As a virtual number service, 1300 numbers can be customised to suit your business. Whether you operate from home or have multiple offices, we can help you configure the service exactly as you need.

Reach more customers

Build a credible brand and expand your reach. With a 1300 number you can keep the same number for the life of your business and take it with you when you relocate.

Make live changes online

Self-manage your service online using My Alltel customer portal. Update your details and pay your bill easily.

Multiple routing options

Redirect your 1300 number calls based on location or time and day. Manage your calls your way.

Compatible services that
enhance your 1300 number.

When you get a business 1300 number with Alltel, you’re getting more than just a regular number! Alltel 1300 numbers come with multiple features and benefits that can work as a great tool for your business. Not only that, Alltel provides complementary services that can be added to your 1300 number to further enhance its capability and functionality. You can make a better impression with your callers and improve operational efficiencies by adding these compatible services.

Live answering service

Live answering service

Advanced Routing Options

Advanced routing options

Business Intro

Call forwarding menus (IVR)

Ever wondered the difference between 1300 numbers
and other number options for your business?


Can you take your number with you wherever you go or if your business relocates?

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Can you manage your incoming call flows based on your availability, time and day or the caller’s location?

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Can you access inbound call reports?

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Can you manage your number and make changes online?

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a 1300 number cost?

The costs for using a 1300 number can be broken down into three: 1) the fees to acquire and set up the number, 2) monthly service costs to keep the number active, and 3) call costs.

Setup fees are determined by the provider you choose to activate your number. The cost of the number itself depends on how easy-to-remember it is. Numbers that spell words or have multiple repeated digits tend to cost more.

Meanwhile, service costs and call rates depend on the plan you choose. You can view our 1300 number plans here.

Are 1300 numbers free to call?

Calls to 1300 numbers are billed based on your provider, in accordance with guidelines from ACMA. Calls from landlines are charged the rate of a local call, while calls from mobile phones and VoIP services are billed differently (see below).

Are 1300 numbers free from mobile?

Calls to 1300 numbers are billed based on your provider, in accordance with guidelines from ACMA. Most mobile plans include unlimited calls, but it’s best to check your call plan for specific details.

How do you get a 1300 number?

There are two ways you can get a 1300 number.

The first way is to secure one from a telco that offers them. Most service providers will have a catalogue of 1300 numbers at different prices (see “How much does a 1300 number cost?).

The second way is to purchase the rights to a 1300 number through ACMA’s Numbering System website. You may want to use this method if you are searching for a custom or “vanity” number, also called a phone word or smartnumber. Once you have secured the number you want, you’ll then need to have it activated with a 1300 number service provider.

How do I call 1300 numbers from overseas?

To call a 1300 number from overseas, dial:

001 + 61 + 1300xxxxxx

001 is the international dial-out code, while 61 is Australia’s country code.

There is no guarantee, however, that a 1300 number can be reached from another country. Whether or not you can complete the call depends on a number of factors, including the functions of the phone exchange you’re calling from or the services of the network operator you’re using.

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