1300 Numbers: Alltel first to offer UNLIMITED FREE talk-time!

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
1300 Numbers: Alltel First to Offer UNLIMITED FREE Talk-Time!

Alltel Pty. Ltd. (, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions to Australian businesses, became the first telco to introduce UNLIMITED FREE talk-time for local, landline-to-landline calls as part of their 1300 number plans.

Most 1300 number providers and carriers provide between zero and 20 free minutes per call for local, landline-to-landline calls (that is, a call from a local landline that the business answers on a landline). Alltel has become the industry leader by extending this to UNLIMITED FREE talk-time in their range of 1300 number plans to provide customers with more options to meet their needs.

"Alltel was the first 1300 number provider to offer discounted monthly plans and call rates," said Trent Brinsley, Alltel’s General Manager. “Our competitors quickly followed us then, and we’re sure they’ll follow us again now that we’re the first to offer UNLIMITED FREE minutes for local, landline-to-landline calls made to their 1300 numbers.”

1300 number retailers deliver services that are typically provided by high-level wholesale network carriers. These wholesale carriers charge the retailers a monthly fee, which usually includes 20 free minutes per call for local, landline-to-landline calls. It’s then up to the 1300 number retailer to decide how many of those free minutes to pass on to their own customers.

Alltel's new 1300 number plans have added a little extra to the traditional 20 minutes:

  • Alltel 1300 STARTER provides 30 minutes of free talk-time per call for local, landline-to-landline calls for just $19 per month.
  • Alltel 1300 GROW provides UNLIMITED FREE talk-time for local, landline-to-landline calls for just $29 per month.

Not only do these new plans offer significant savings for businesses that receive a large number of local calls, they also provide discounted rates for national and mobile calls to further increase savings (and decrease bills).

Alltel is not sacrificing quality to deliver these lower prices. Their 1300 number services are carried on high-quality, established carrier networks to provide their customers with the most reliable service and best call quality available.

Call Alltel today on 1300 ALLTEL to find out how much their new plans can save your business.

About Alltel Pty Ltd

Alltel is an Australian owned and operated telecommunications provider, specialising in services for the business market. They are specialist providers of products and services including 13/1300 numbers, 1800 numbers, live answering, and virtual office services.

Alltel has a strong focus on both excellent customer service and competitive pricing, and can tailor solutions for companies of all sizes, from start-up and sole trader through to enterprise. For more information, visit Alltel's web site at ALLTEL.

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