1300 Numbers: How to get unlimited FREE talk time

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

Most 1300 number call plans will provide you with free minutes for local landline-to-landline calls (that is, local calls made from a landline, which you answer on your landline).

The number of free minutes will vary, usually depending on the monthly cost of your plan: for example, plans that are $0 a month typically provide ZERO FREE MINUTES, and those that cost more can offer up to 20 minutes of free talk time for local landline-to-landline calls.

Alltel is pleased to be the FIRST telco to announce a 1300 number call plan with UNLIMITED FREE talk time for local landline-to-landline calls.

Here are our best value 1300 number plans:

  • Our $19 per month 1300 STARTER plan provides 30 minutes free talk time for local landline-to-landline calls.
  • Our $29 per month 1300 GROW plan provides UNLIMITED FREE talk time for local landline-to-landline calls.

(See more information on these and our other 1300 number plans here.) These new rates can add up to significant savings for businesses who receive a lot of local calls. If your business is one of those, it’s important to look at the number of free minutes included in your plan and the cost of each excess minute. These details can make a big difference to the bill you receive at the end of each month!

Why do different plans offer different free minutes?

Most established inbound number retailers deliver services provided by high-level wholesale network carriers. These inbound numbers (1300 numbers, 1800 numbers, 13 numbers) are typically carried (and configured) directly on high-quality, established carrier networks. The wholesale carriers charge retailers a monthly fee and include a set number of free minutes for local landline-to-landline calls.

The 1300 number retailer can then decide how many of those free minutes to pass on to their customers. There are some local call 1300 number retailers that choose to save some money by bypassing the proper carrier network and routing all 1300 number calls through less reliable VoIP systems before the call is finally routed to you. This benefits the retailer by allowing them to make some changes to your services directly (without having to go through their network wholesalers).

However, it usually has the following downsides for their customers:

  • You don't get any free time on local 1300 number calls because all calls are being routed from the caller to the retailer's VoIP equipment and then back. The normally available 1300 free minutes are no longer provided by these telcos.
  • Less reliable service and reduced call quality. Although VoIP has improved a lot over the last few years, it still suffers from major network crashes, call drop-outs, poor quality connections, and call interference.

Would you be happy with those downsides for your business phone number?

It makes more sense to choose a plan with a lower total monthly spend that provides high-quality call connections. With Alltel’s new plans, the more calls you receive, the more money you save (and more business you do!). And it’s not only our local rates that are competitive. We can also save you money on long distance and mobile calls. Find out more about Alltel’s 1300 number call costs and UNLIMITED free talk time by calling 1300 255 835 or visiting ALLTEL.

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