Do 1300 Numbers give your business an unfair advantage?

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Do 1300 Numbers Give Your Business an Unfair Advantage?

A potential customer is looking for a product or service that you provide.

They've found a list of providers by searching the Internet or local paper. These all look pretty good to them, with similar prices and good reviews from customers. The first business they call is going to have the best chance to make the sale.

So, how do you put your business at the top of their list?

Most people's first call is to the business that looks most trust-worthy and professional. It could be the company with the best web site or the one that uses the friendliest wording in their advertising or the one with the professional-looking phone number.

Yes, having the right phone numbers can make a difference! We've heard from many customers that they've seen an immediate increase in calls and sales after switching from a mobile phone number to a 1300 Number for their businesses.

So, what can a 1300 Number do for your business?

Create a Great First Impression

1300 Numbers are used by businesses of all sizes—from sole trader to enterprise:

  • Show callers that you’re serious about your business. Look larger and more professional than competitors who advertise only a mobile number.
  • Take advantage of professional features like Call Forwarding Menus to quickly direct calls to the correct person or department.
  • Look big before you’re big.

Enjoy Cost Savings, Flexibility and Convenience

Alltel 1300 Numbers are ideal for all types of businesses—local, national and growing:

  • Dealing primarily with local customers? Save money with FREE talk-time on local landline-to-landline calls.
  • If you're a national business, advertise one phone number Australia-wide and have calls automatically ring at each caller’s nearest office.
  • Keep the same number for the life of your business. Take your number with you from office to office as your business grows.

Measure Return on Investment (ROI) and Manage Calls

Built-in reporting provides details about every call to your 1300 Number(s):

  • How are different advertising channels performing? Use a different 1300 number for each channel to compare their effectiveness and ROI.
  • Manage incoming calls more effectively. Use reports to identify busy times so you can maintain correct staffing levels.
  • Stop missing calls when your phones are busy. Plan in advance to forward excess calls to a Live Answering Service to help you manage calls at busy times.

An Alltel 1300 Number makes your business stand out from the crowd: it delivers a more professional edge and encourages customers to choose you over your competitors.

Get a 1300 Number for your business today, so you can start enjoying that unfair advantage!

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