1300 phone numbers: Look big, act big, get noticed

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
1300 Phone Numbers: Look Big, Act Big, Get Noticed

1300 numbers are vital to a growing company. Because, when it comes to business, bigger is always better. At least that’s the way most consumers tend to think!

How many times do we find ourselves jumping to the conclusion that if the company we’re dealing with is big, they must be good at what they do? After all, runs our flawed logic, they wouldn't have become so big if they weren't good at it, now would they? And the extension of this somewhat flawed logic is that a big company equals a trustworthy company. Therefore, we’re much more inclined to give them our business.

This is all well and good for the companies at the big end of town, but what about companies operating in the Small to Medium Enterprise space? How do they stand out when many of their competitors are larger and better resourced than them?

1300 Numbers — How to Get Ahead of Your Competition

Let’s be honest here, standing out from your competition is never easy. No matter what your company does, or how well you do it, there’s always somebody else vying for your customers' attention.

A quick Google search in your industry is all you need to do to reveal a list of competitors as long as your arm. And many of them are spending more on marketing and advertising than you are!

So how, in the fast moving dog-eat-dog world of 21st century commercialism, do you – a modestly sized business – compete?

Easy. You act and look bigger than you are!

1300 Numbers — Cost Effective and Proven to Work

There's an old saying in sales that states that people buy emotionally, and pass on information logically. And given we've established that people make their initial buying decision based on their PERCEPTION of a company (rather than on the actual company itself), it's vitally important that their perception of your company is the one you wish them to have.

After all, according to the old saying, 'You only have one chance to make a first impression.'

And that’s where 1300 numbers come in.

1300 numbers instantly make your company look BIG. Many SMEs tend to advertise a local number, or – heaven forbid – just a mobile number. Both of these give the impression of a SMALL business. This equates on a subliminal buying level to 'not being very successful at what they do.'

Is that really the first impression you want people to have of your company?

1300 Numbers From Alltel From Just $10 a Month

What if we were to tell you that you could get a 1300 number from Alltel starting from just $10 a month? That's right, from just $10 a month your company can look, act and appear like one of the 'big boys'.

And isn't that the impression you want your customers to have?

How 1300 Phone Numbers Work

A 1300 number is an immensely powerful way to increase sales both locally and nationally. Customers know that when they call a 1300 number, it usually only costs them a local call (from landlines in Australia).

When you get your company a 1300 number from Alltel, it is immediately routed to an existing landline, mobile, fax machine, or answering service.

1300 numbers give you a great deal of flexibility. For example, you can route a single 1300 number to multiple phone numbers. Or you can ring a different number outside of normal office hours and have your calls go through to a live phone answering service.

Plus, what happens if you decide to move your business to a different suburb, city or state? Ordinarily this means you’d have to re-brand your new phone number on everything from your website, to your letterheads to your business cards ... and everything in between. But with a single, central, 1300 number, moving becomes easy. Because, so far as your customers are concerned, it's business as usual.

Plus, activation of 1300 numbers is effortless, and is usually completed within 1-7 business days.

1300 Numbers — Making an Impression Without Breaking the Bank

Alltel 1300 number charges are designed with your business in mind. This cost-effective, money-saving marketing tool is so affordable, and comes with so many benefits, it’s hard to believe there are businesses out there who still insist on advertising a local or mobile number!

To take the next step in your business growth, call our friendly customer service team on 1300 ALLTEL today, and let us help you present your business to the world in the way it deserves to be viewed.

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