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1800, 13 & 1300 Numbers: Time and day-based routing

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

One of the main benefits of using 13/1300 numbers and 1800 numbers is the powerful routing and configuration options available. These allow you to customise your number so that it routes to the answerpoint(s) of your choice under different conditions.

A popular option is time-based routing, which can benefit businesses of all sizes, and does NOT attract any additional monthly account fee.

With standard routing, you specify the primary answerpoint to which you want to route all calls made to your 1300 number or 1800 number (with an optional secondary answerpoint in case there is no answer on the primary one).

With time and day-based routing, you can specify the times (and days) on which you want the 1300 number or 1800 number to route to different answerpoints. A common use for this is to route calls to your business number during regular office hours, and then route to a Live Answering Service or Voice2Email at all other times.

The main benefit of using time and day-based routing rather than simply re-directing your 1300 number or 1800 number when you're away from the office, is that calls get answered much faster. We've all been on the line listening to our call being diverted, and then re-diverted when numbers don't answer. Using time and day-based routing presents a more professional image for your business, plus keeps your customers happier by having their calls answered faster.

You can visit Alltel's web site to find out more about 1800 and 1300 number routing options. If you think that time and day-based routing can benefit your business, please contact Alltel on 1300 255 835 (1300 ALLTEL) to find out more.

A one-time setup fee may apply.