1800 Numbers benefit businesses of all types and sizes

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

One thing that often sets successful businesses apart from their competitors is the ability to build and maintain good relationships with their customers. Customers who feel "connected" to a business are more likely to be repeat customers and to recommend the business to their friends and colleagues.

The things each business needs to do to build and maintain customer relationships will vary depending on their size and industry segment. There's one thing that can help businesses of all types and sizes to communicate with their customers though, and that's a 1800 number.

1800 numbers help to give your company a professional image, which tends to also instil trust: and we all know how important trust is in a business relationship! This perceived image is likely because 1800 numbers were originally used largely by multi-national corporations, so many people associate these numbers with size and stability.

These numbers also help to encourage your customers to call you, by providing them with a free-call number. 1800 numbers are free for your customers to dial from any landline in Australia.

1800 numbers also make it easier for customers to quickly reach the person they're after. For example, 1800 number routing can automatically direct calls to the caller's nearest office, and voice prompt (IVR) menus can help callers to reach the person or department they want to talk to quickly. You can also automatically direct calls to a second number (for example, a live answering service) if your primary number is busy or not answering, so that your callers are always able to speak to a real person.

Calls can also be routed to different numbers based on the time of the day. This allows national businesses to extend their hours of support, for example by routing calls from their east coast offices to their Perth office after 5:00 p.m. AEST. Many businesses also route their after-hour calls to a live answering service, which enables them to provide 24/7 support for emergencies.

1800 numbers also provide built-in reporting with information including who is calling and when they're calling. This can help businesses to ensure they have enough staff on hand at busy call times, and to track call histories by customer or region.

In addition to making it easier for customer to contact you, 1800 numbers provide some key benefits for businesses.

You can use the built-in reporting to measure the success of marketing campaigns. For example, you can use a different 1800 number for each advertisement and marketing channel, and measure the success of each one to ensure you're spending your marketing budget effectively.

Studies also show repeatedly that people are more likely to respond to advertising that includes a 1800 number (or 1300 number) than they are to similar ads using only regular landline or mobile phone numbers.

The good news is that modern technologies and competitive pricing have made 1800 numbers affordable for all businesses, with plans starting from just $20 per month (that's less than 70c a day!).

One of the key parts of creating and maintaining good customer relationships is to make it easy, affordable and stress-free for your customers to reach you. With your 1800 number, that problem is solved. Now the rest is up to you!

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