4 best features of a hosted business phone system

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
4 Best Features of a Hosted Business Phone System

Humans are on a constant search of ways to make work easier. Thanks to this instinct, business communications technology has come a long way from a plain old telephone service. Today, having a hosted business phone system is a popular choice over installing legacy phone systems.

This comes as no surprise due to numerous features that can now be delivered through the internet. To understand this better, let’s take a look at four features that all entrepreneurs should take advantage of today.


A hosted PBX system works whether you’re a sole proprietor or a company of 400. Since everything is delivered through the internet, your system is easily and highly customisable. Businesses of all sizes enjoy the benefits of having a large scale call centre without paying the high costs.

You decide how you want your calls to flow and your provider takes care of all the heavy lifting. Queueing, professional recordings, IVRs, and even call statistics are at your disposal, minus costly hardware and maintenance requirements.


Everyone dreams of growth. A hosted solution allows you to add or remove users with ease. No need for hardware upgrades or line installation. With plug and play phones, adding a new user is as easy as renting or buying another phone. Think about the time and effort you’ll save with a system that supports any number of users. All these changes can be done without down times.

The best part—there are no lock in contracts for add on services. Remove them without fear of being stuck with what you don’t use or costly termination fees.


People in sales and trades services rely heavily on their mobile phones. This means a lot of calling customers through their personal number. This doesn’t look professional. It’s also possible for them to take your customers with them when they leave the company.

Hosted phone systems are fully capable of integrating devices over data and mobile networks. All your sites, remote or not, can make and receive calls on their mobiles using a company number. Added to your call flow, the call recording and stats tracking still apply to those calls.


The most common concern that people have with a hosted PBX is business continuity. Thankfully, most systems already come with automatic and manual overflow options. No need to worry in case of internet and power outages, or any other situation that may arise. A good system should also be internet agnostic. Hardware should run over any connection regardless of provider. Some may even work overseas!

To make sure you’re ready for the switch to a hosted PBX, choose a provider that will take the time to know your needs and tailor-fit a solution for your business. If you’d like to know more about hosted PBX phone systems, call us at 1300 ALLTEL or visit us at ALLTEL.

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