4 gains from integrating your mobile to your Hosted PBX

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
4 Gains from Integrating Your Mobile to Your Hosted PBX

The adoption of mobile technology continues to shape today’s workforce. While it does a good job of breaking barriers, employees often end up with multiple numbers that they use both for work and personal purposes. Disparate systems and devices can cause a bad customer experience. To remedy this, unified communications should be at the top of your list in choosing a hosted PBX system.

What is UC or Unified Communications?

Unified Communications or UC is not a single product, but a group of tools that create a single solution. Different services are paired to optimise business processes and boost work efficiency. In its early stages, customising services for UC was costly and hard. Over the years, usability and management of the system has been made easier.

Today, hosted services has made it possible to achieve UC. One good example that proves this is mobile integration. This is an important feature that all businesses should look for in a hosted PBX system. To know more about it, here are some gains from integrating your mobile devices to your business phone system.

Mobility in-house & on the road

Mobiles can be made to ring at the same time as your desk phones on site through Alltel Anywhere, a client app user pack. Calls are more likely to be picked up no matter where you are and at any time, by adding your mobile to the call flow. This also allows you to make and receive phone calls on your mobile while using a business number.

Sales people and those in trade services aren’t the only ones who rely a lot on their mobile phones. People who work in hospitals, large facilities, and storage areas do too. There are industries that require staff to move and rarely stay at one place. UC gives them the ability to work around large areas and not miss a call at the same time.

Protecting your privacy

Keep a professional image despite using multiple devices. Keep staff from handing out private numbers to protect your client base. By using a business number, you can keep staff from taking clients with them when they leave the business. Call recording services can be applied to calls taken through mobile phones as well. Checking for quality and compliance is made easy, even with mobile devices.

More importantly, it lets you to regain balance by being able to switch off after work. After all, with how hard you work, you should be able to spend your time off with your family and loved ones.

Same big business phone system features

Extend your business phone system’s features to your mobile device. Boost collaboration between your onsite and remote staff. Hold regular meetings through voice and video calling.

Adding mobiles to your hosted PBX system allows you to take advantage of call forwarding, voicemail, IVR menus and business intro services that guarantee that callers won’t know the difference between you being in the office or on the road.

Business continuity

Cloud based services, by design, are perfect for business continuity. Having access on your mobile devices allow you to operate despite power outages, weather disturbances, or any other emergency.

Curious about how you can achieve UC through hosted PBX? Give us a call at 1300 ALLTEL and our friendly business consultants will be happy to help. For further information about other Alltel services, visit us at ALLTEL.

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