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Choose from varied SIM-only plans with high value data and unlimited call and text.

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SIM-only data plans with unlimited calls and texts.

SIM-only plans with unlimited calls and text plus data

Need a bigger connection, but don't want to upgrade your phone? Get better flexibility and bigger savings with a SIM-only plan that has all the call, text, and data inclusions you'll ever need.

With a mobile data and voice SIM plan from Alltel, you stay connected and on top of your business goals on the go.

SIM-only plans with unlimited calls and text plus data

SIM-only plan features

Find a SIM plan fit for your needs.

All SIM-only plans feature unlimited voice and SMS within Australia. Choose a data plan that's right for you! All plans come with a contract term of 24 to 36 months.

Connected across Australia
Connected across Australia.

Be one call or text away with plans that offer unlimited calls and text within the country. Stay connected to multiple offices or your staff no matter where they’re working from.

Varied data plans
Varied data plans.

No matter how much data you need, there’s a 4G mobile broadband plan fit for you. All plans come with varied data allowance ranging from 30 GB to 60 GB.

4G Backup
4G Backup.

4G SIMs serve as a backup Internet connection when your primary line goes down. Modem routers with 4G capability automatically shift your connection from your mainline to a 4G mobile connection when an outage occurs.

One SIM card. Any device
One SIM card. Any device.

The SIM cards fit any 4G compatible device, from tablets to modems and mobile phones. SIM cards are simply plug and play. No complicated installation required.

Frequently asked questions

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How is my data usage recorded?

Data usage is charged and recorded in increments of 1 kilobyte. So, each time you use your data, we count each session in kilobytes, whether you’re uploading or downloading. Both downloads and uploads are counted towards your quota for monthly data.

What happens if I exceed my data allowance?

If you happen to exceed your monthly data allowance, then you can choose to top up your data. Price of additional data varies per plan.

What do you mean by no lock-in?

No lock-in means you can cancel your service at any given time, but it requires a 30-day written notice.

What’s the difference between a 3G service and a 4G service?

With internet connectivity, the 4G network is faster than 3G service. Other than speed, 4G service offers better audio quality, smoother streaming with reduced lag, and less buffering than 3G.

Can I make international calls with my plan?

Yes, but charges vary depending on your chosen plan.

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Add a phone to your SIM plan.

Add a phone to your SIM plan

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