5 best practices for customising your call forwarding IVR menus

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

Call forwarding menus are a great addition to any business communication solution, especially for small businesses that are trying to make it big. They are a quick, affordable, and easy way of appearing established. If this is your first time trying this service, don’t fret. We’ve compiled five of the best practices for customising your IVR menu system to make sure you make the most out of your service.

Highlight your brand

Think of your recording as an opportunity to present a good first impression for first time callers. Determine what image you’d like to project and develop a clear voice that would reassure them that you are a legitimate business. Use a professionally recorded business introduction service that will greet customers in your business name and give them a quick overview of what you’re brand is about.

Make it short

Automating functions is convenient both for you and your callers. However, being on an IVR menu for more than 5 minutes can become tedious and worse, frustrating for your customers. Limit your options to 5 or less.

Provide ample guidance without overdoing it and dragging the recording for too long. Show them that you value their time by knowing when marketing messages are appropriate and when they are not. For example, advertising new services should be avoided for calls requesting for repairs, refunds, and other product/service issues.

Keep it simple

It’s always a good idea to show people that you’re professional and that you’re an expert at your field. However, using jargon and making your menus sound complicated is taking it a bit too far. Don’t talk over your customer’s heads, but don’t insult their intelligence either. Keep your language simple, direct to the point, and polite.

Always give customers the option to talk to a real person

Self-service technologies like call forwarding IVR menus are a boon to businesses of all sizes. But sometimes, all callers really want to hear is a human voice at the other end of the line. Don’t make it complicated to get connected to you or any member of your staff. Studies show that keeping it as one of the first options reduces resentment from customers.

If no one is available to take calls, consider having the option to route incoming calls to a live phone answering service. An Australian based operator can take messages for you and forward it via email, SMS, and web portal so you can return calls at the soonest possible time.

Implement changes as you see fit

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is setting up their IVR system and keeping it that way for years. Don’t expect it to be perfect, the first time you set it up. Review your options from time to time, and tweak your system based on feedback from your customers. Experiment with the order for your options and see which gets you more call volume and less hang ups. If you need more help setting up an IVR solution for your business, we at Alltel would be glad to help. Call us up at 1300 ALLTEL or visit us at ALLTEL.

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