5 reasons your business needs call tracking

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson

Phone calls are a tried-and-true way to close sales and bring in new business, but it’s not always easy to know how these calls get to you. Thankfully, there’s a way to maximise your phone leads and your marketing campaigns.

Call tracking analytics can help you get a closer look at your calls, giving you detailed insight into which of your marketing channels reliably lead to phone leads and conversions, allowing you to adjust your strategies accordingly and more. Read on to see how a call tracking platform can transform your business.

1. You get better value from your marketing.

Have you ever wondered how your callers found your business, or how your marketing campaign influenced their decision to call? With call analytics, you can track calls to their origin point. It shows you what users have been visiting, searching, or interacting with in the moments leading up to the call.

By adjusting your marketing strategy towards ads and channels that proven effective, you can avoid spending your money blindly and point it towards what works instead.

2. You can optimise for call volume.

Call tracking also reveals the time and days your business gets the most inbound calls, so you can allocate budget and manpower to handling them better. Meanwhile, included call data reports let you pinpoint exactly when people are searching up and calling your business, allowing you to adjust ad scheduling accordingly.

3. You’ll improve customer experience.

Aside from tracking calls, you can also use call analytics to ensure the quality of calls of your sales and customer support teams. Through it, you can perform quality assurance on every call, while also catering to returning callers with the help of unique tracking numbers that log their previous interactions and concerns.

4. You can get better segmentation and targeting.

With a call tracking platform, you can assign different dynamic numbers that are unique to each media source. This enables you to show potential customers different numbers for different marketing channels, which can tag all your phone lead sources (i.e. paid, organic) accordingly.

5. You can analyse calls with precision.

Some call analytics platforms come with intelligent call processing, which automatically transcribes calls and tags them through certain keywords spoken, giving you a snapshot view of customer satisfaction and sentiment. With these tools, you can easily maintain the quality of your phone leads.

Do all these and more with Analytix from Alltel.

When it comes to your call tracking needs, Alltel has you covered. Our Analytix platform delivers valuable insight into your calls through integrated monitoring and tagging, smart processing and more. To learn about all the features available with Analytix, contact us at 1300 255 835, or visit the Analytix product page.

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