5 ways a 13 Number can get your luck started

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
5 Ways a 13 Number Can Get your Luck Started

Staying connected with customers is a never-ending task and as a business owner, it is your role to open up channels through which prospective and existing clients can easily reach you. One highly effective and economical tool that you can use is 13 numbers—virtual inbound numbers that can be pointed to any designated landline or mobile phone. To get you started, here are some reasons why you’d be lucky to have a 13 number for your business.

Make a Valuable First Impression

Still remember your best friend’s home phone? Probably not. In fact, studies have shown that while attention spans are getting lower and lower, our ability to remember things has also been decreasing. Who honestly has the time to take down a landline or mobile number from an ad on the side of the road? This is a challenge that should be taken into consideration for every marketing effort. 13 numbers make it easier for a highly distracted audience to remember your number since they are only made up of 6 digits in total.

Build Your Brand

Working from the ground up is an astonishing feat that start-ups should be proud of. However, building trust between you and your customers may become more difficult if they know you’re working out of a basement or running a one man operation in your garage. A great way to build a stable and professional image for your company is by advertising a 13 inbound number. Virtual numbers allow you to use your existing home phones or mobile numbers, yet make it appear that you’re working in an office.

Improve Processes with Call Analytics

Diversification of marketing channels is a technique that most businesses use in their advertising efforts. However, most businesses fail to review the effectivity of these channels once they go live. Inbound numbers come with a reporting tool that makes it easy to collect and analyze call data in order to determine which channels are making ROI. This data can also be used to improve business processes by showing what hours require more people on the phones, or which areas show potential for expansion.

Be Mobile and Flexible

The beauty of having a virtual number is being able to advertise only 1 number for the entire country. You also get several options for routing calls depending on the time of day, geographic locations, or availability of your staff. You can even route after-hours calls to an answering service. Imagine never having to change your number even if you move offices or switch carriers.

Present an Economical Solution

The cost of 13 numbers are practical both for you and your customers. You can enjoy all these benefits for a minimal cost and your customers can reach you with their concerns for the cost of a local call. Some mobile plans even include 13 number calls so callers don’t have to pay extra. Talk about a win-win situation!

To learn more about 13 Numbers, head on over to ALLTEL or call us at 1300 ALLTEL to get your luck started today.

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