Five benefits of outsourcing your outbound calling to a contact centre

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson
Call center representatives in a contact centre actively taking outbound calls from a customer

Do you have a bulging database of potential customers but lack the resources to follow up?

Perhaps the thought of cold calling fills you up with dread. Or maybe you’re tired of the endless cycle of recruiting, training, and managing an in-house outbound calling team.

If any of this sounds familiar, it is time to explore a smarter solution: Outsourcing your outbound calling to a contact centre!

Let’s delve into five key ways how this can supercharge your sales and marketing efforts.

1. Reduces your ongoing expenses.

Managing an in-house outbound calling team involves these significant ongoing expenses:

    • Recruitment and training - Hiring and training qualified staff for outbound calling requires time and resources like training materials and allowances.
    • Salaries and benefits - Besides base salaries, you'll need to consider payroll taxes, superannuation, and employee benefits.
    • Technology and infrastructure - Setting up a dedicated call centre requires phone systems, computers, software licences, and office space investment.

Outsourcing eliminates these significant upfront and ongoing costs – you only pay for your outbound calling services, freeing up capital for other business areas.

2. Increases your business efficiency.

Running an in-house outbound calling team can significantly drain internal resources. Your existing staff might be pulled away from their core duties to manage and support the calling team. Not to mention, maintaining high call volumes requires ongoing monitoring and adjustments.

Contact centres specialising in outbound calling have experienced agents available to answer the call. They also have sophisticated software to optimise call routing, scripting, and lead management. This translates to increased efficiency and improved call conversion rates for your business.

3. Gives you access to specialised talents.

Running a successful outbound calling campaign require more than just making calls.

Contact centres specifically look for individuals who possess a specific skill set that blends communication expertise with product knowledge.

So, if you outsource, your calls are handled by agents who are adept at navigating common objections, more focused, and eager to close deals or achieve your desired call success rate.

4. Prioritises your business’s high call volume.

Unexpected spikes in call volume can overwhelm your internal staff and lead to negative customer experiences.

Outsourcing your outbound calls to a professional contact centre that provides an outbound calling service is a wise decision.

As mentioned earlier, they are equipped to handle high call volumes efficiently and can also offer extended operating hours. This can be particularly beneficial if you are targeting a global audience.

5. Allows you to scale your calling campaigns easily.

As your business grows, your outbound calling needs will likely evolve and scaling an in-house team to meet growing demands can be complex.

Remember that this may lead to your team feeling burnout and can increase your employees' turnover rate by 50% to 60%. You might need to recruit additional staff, which, again, might cost you more.

Outsourcing your outbound calling provides the flexibility to scale your campaigns effortlessly.

Conversely, a third-party outsourcing provider can adjust its resources to meet your specific needs as part of the package deal.

You can experiment with different call scripts, target audiences, and calling times without significant upfront expenditures. This scalability allows you to test new outbound calling strategies and adjust your campaigns based on real-time data and results.

Partner with a reputable outsource answering service provider.

What better way to achieve these significant benefits than to partner with a reliable outsourcing outbound calling provider?

More than just a telco provider, Alltel can offer you with an outsourced support team that delivers 24/7 outbound contact centre solutions.

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