A guide to calling 1300 numbers from overseas

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson
A guide to calling 1300 numbers from overseas

1300 numbers are an excellent way of expanding your business’ reach, allowing customers to call you from any landline in Australia at a minimal, local rate.

These popular virtual inbound numbers provide a single point of contact for your business, adding to its credibility and professional image. Apart from making it easier for customers to contact your company, 1300 numbers give you greater control over incoming calls, with the option of routing these to a designated answerpoint.

However, many Australian companies do business with overseas clients, and a common question raised is whether their customers can call a 1300 number from outside the country.

The Short Answer

So, can 1300 numbers be dialed from overseas? Yes. However, there isn’t any guarantee that the call can be completed. Because much of this depends on the technology and network services that are available, not every country has the capacity to connect to an Australian 1300 number. For example, callers from the UK or Europe will almost definitely be successful. Whereas callers from South America will less likely be able to connect.

That being said, let’s look into some of the factors that determine if a 1300 number can actually work internationally.

Who can call my 1300 number from overseas?

To know whether your 1300 number can indeed be called from overseas, you’ll first have to do a little bit of research. While some countries can place calls to a 1300 number in Australia, it simply doesn’t work for others. Apart from this, much of it depends on their local service provider and if they in fact support international calls to inbound numbers.

For reference, here are some countries where calls to 1300 numbers can be made:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

Dialing a 1300 number

Once you’ve checked if a customer’s country does support calls to 1300 numbers, you’ll have to make sure that they properly dial these. Callers from outside Australia can’t just dial 1300 numbers straight away and must also follow this format:

(International dial-out code) + 61 (Australian code) + (your business’ 1300 number)

The international dial-out code and the cost to contact a 1300 number, will depend on the country and foreign service provider connecting the call. Therefore, an overseas caller who successfully makes contact with a 1300 number in Australia, will be charged based on his local network rates. Calls made via mobile will be charged higher, compared to ones from a fixed line.

Getting overseas callers: Exploring alternatives

Despite the many advantages that 1300 number offer businesses, their glaring limitation remains in the fact that customers in certain countries cannot use them to contact you. Thus, it is advisable for Australian companies serving international clients to have an alternate number available.

Having just one inbound number may not be ideal, especially if your business actively tries to get calls from customers overseas. Rather, you may want to allot a separate number dedicated to international calls, such as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) number. By using international VoIP phone numbers, businesses can set up virtual offices that respond to customer inquiries and reach out to new target markets.

Another reliable alternative are inbound local numbers. With flexible call handling options, these virtual numbers help your business communicate to customers even outside your immediate area, all while keeping a local image. Local numbers provide a distinct personal element, as customers prefer to transact with a company from their own community.

Direct In Dial (DID) numbers are the phone numbers used to call your Local Number service, and these can be dialed even from outside Australia.

Be reached from wherever, whenever

With the right phone setup for your business, you’ll be sure to get calls from customers wherever they may be. Speak with our inbound number specialists at 1300 255 835 (1300 ALLTEL) or chat with us via www.alltel.com.au

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