Alltel becomes one of the first TCP-Compliant Australian telcos

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Alltel Becomes One of the First TCP-Compliant Australian Telcos

Alltel Pty Ltd, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions to Australian businesses, today announced that they have achieved TCP code compliance.

The TCP (Telecommunications Consumer Protections) Code was created by the Australian telecommunications industry in consultation with regulators, consumer groups and other stakeholders. It contains a set of rules that aim to ensure the protection of consumer rights and to promote good customer service and fair outcomes for customers.

"Alltel is now one of the very few telcos authorised to carry the CommCom logo on our web site," said Trent Brinsley, Alltel's General Manager. "This says to our customers that they are dealing with a compliant and transparent telco."

Under this new code, telcos must provide "Critical Information Summaries" to customers at the point of sale. These summaries include an overview of the product or service, unit pricing, bundle details, contract details, total minimum cost and any other information that may influence the customer's decision to purchase.

Other requirements include easy access to billing details (both for previous months and unbilled items for the current month); a ban on the use of the often-misleading word "cap" in advertising; protections to consumers in the areas of complaint handling and financial hardship; and helpful information about international roaming.

"Alltel has built its reputation by providing great customer service," said Brinsley. "That's why it is important to us to implement this new code that aims to make the service we provide even better. And it's why we're proud to be one of the first business telcos to have achieved compliance."

About Alltel Pty Ltd

Alltel is Australia's small business telecommunication specialist. This privately-owned company is a specialist carrier of Australian 1800 and 1300 numbers, and supports a range of telecommunications, broadband, telephony and Internet services nationwide.

Alltel has a strong focus on both excellent customer service and competitive pricing, and can tailor solutions for companies of all sizes, from start-up and small trader through to enterprise. For more information, visit ALLTEL.

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