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How Alltel helped Ebay Motors

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

Ebay Motors sells online advertising space to Australian motor dealers and private sellers who want to sell their motor vehicles.

With plenty of competition from other online car sales websites, Ebay Motors needed a way to differentiate their advertising product. They also needed to provide car dealers with details showing the results from each ad they placed (and to encourage them to advertise again).

Alltel was able to help Ebay Motors accomplish this with a solution that included 1300 numbers and Alltel's "Whisper" service.

1300 Numbers

1300 numbers come with built-in reporting options that provide details about all incoming calls.

By using a different 1300 number for each individual car advertisement, Ebay Motors was able to provide their customers with the following information:

  • The number of enquiries received for each advertisement/car.
  • The location each caller was calling from.
  • The time and duration for each call.

Alltel's Whisper

To minimise any potential for scepticism of the statistical data, Ebay Motors asked Alltel to develop a way of announcing the enquirer's phone call to the car dealer. The result of this was Alltel's Whisper:

  1. Customers dialled the 1300 number in the online advertisement.
  2. When the dealer answered the call, a recorded message played before the call was connected announcing that this call originated from an Ebay Motors advertisement.

This helped to reinforce to the car dealers the value of their online advertising by reminding them about how many calls were coming through. They were happy with the number of calls coming in through their Ebay Motors advertisements, which made them happy to advertise again!

Alltel has worked with a number of different businesses (large and small) to come up with a solution that addresses their unique telecommunication needs. Why not give us a call on 1300 ALLTEL to find out how we can help you business?

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