Alltel introduces new VoIP solutions for your business

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Alltel Introduces New VoIP Solutions For Your Business

Alltel has recently added three VoIP services to our offerings: OneConnect, SIP Trunking and SmartConnect®. These services are ideal for Australian businesses of all types and all sizes. They provide advanced features and functionality, and they reduce costs with low monthly plans and low VoIP call rates (including free calls between all Alltel VoIP customers).

A VoIP phone call is carried over your broadband Internet connection rather than over standard telephone lines. In many cases, your VoIP services can share the same network as your computers and other communications equipment.

Today’s VoIP provides such high quality and reliability that many businesses rely exclusively on VoIP for their telephone systems. In fact, it’s what we use at Alltel. Because VoIP is an Internet-based service, it provides a number of benefits over traditional landlines:

  • Portable: Take the office with you wherever you go: simply plug your phone into any broadband Internet connection. Work from your home, a hot desk, while you’re on the road, and even a holiday house.
  • Scalable: Add (or remove) lines and extensions at any time. It’s fast and affordable to respond to your changing business needs.
  • Flexible: Staff can work remotely, in different offices or even in different states, with free calls between all Alltel VoIP customers.
  • Configurable: Perform instant updates to your system through Alltel’s web-based portal, plus have instant access to your call records.

Alltel’s business-grade VoIP is delivered through our Australian-based data centres, which are monitored 24/7 to ensure reliability.

Replacing traditional landlines

A OneConnect business VoIP service works just like your traditional landline service in that you make and receive phone calls in exactly the same way. About the only difference you’ll see is at the end of each month when your phone bills are much lower. This service is ideal for sole traders or small businesses with two or three employees who are after a cost-effective alternative to traditional landlines.

Take advantage of features such as call forwarding, voicemail and missed call email notification. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to use your phone in multiple locations. And celebrate each month when you work out how much money the service has saved you! Find out more about Business VoIP.

Multi-line VoIP

You can save even more money if you’re replacing multiple landlines with VoIP services.

Most businesses use only 30-40% of their phone lines at any one time. That means that in an office with 10 staff where everyone has their own phone, the business is often paying line rental for 10 separate phone services.

With an Alltel Multi-line VoIP service, you can still have 10 extensions, but pay line rental only for the 4 lines that are used concurrently (and share those 4 lines between all 10 extensions).

Alltel offers two multi-line VoIP services: SIP Trunking and our Hosted Phone Systems.

SIP Trunking

If you’re familiar with ISDN, you can think of SIP Trunking as its VoIP equivalent.

SIP Trunking provides multiple inbound and outbound lines for your business, which you can share between all extensions. It is ideal for any business that has its own PBX phone management system.

You control your phone system through your on-site PBX. For incoming calls, the SIP Trunk system passes through the number that was dialled, allowing you to customise your phone routing.

With plans starting from just $32 a month and low call rates, you can save thousands of dollars each year. Find out more about SIP Trunking.

Hosted Business Phone Systems

This phone solution provides big-business features as a price that a start-up can afford. Alltel’s Hosted Phone Solution (also known as a Hosted PBX) is just like having a PBX phone management system in your office, except that the features and functions run from Alltel’s servers and are delivered to you over the Internet.

This service is ideal not only for businesses with multiple employees, but also for sole traders who want to take advantage of the advanced features it offers. There are free calls between all extensions, and incoming calls can be managed through features like time-of-day routing and call forwarding (IVR) menus.

Other features include call queuing, call recording, intercom/paging, voicemail and voicemail to email, customisable hold music and voice prompts, and an easy-to-use web-based management portal. With best value plans and low call rates, you’ll not only save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars each year, you’ll also enjoy the many business benefits this system provides. Find out more about Alltel’s Hosted Business Phone Systems.

Switch to one of Alltel’s Business VoIP services, and give your business a lift with great new features and impressive savings.

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