Alltel Now Offering Business VoIP and SIP Trunk Services

Alltel Now Offering Business VoIP and SIP Trunk Services

Great flexibility, Alltel’s award-winning customer service, and low prices make VoIP and SIP Trunk great solutions for growing Australian businesses. Alltel Pty Ltd (, a leader provider of telecommunications solutions to Australian businesses, today announced the addition of Business VoIP and SIP Trunk to their range of business telecommunications services.

“We focused on what our customers were asking for when coming up with these new services,” said Trent Brinsley, Alltel’s General Manager. “Our Business VoIP is simple to set up and use, and provides great flexibility for those wanting to get that little bit extra out of their phone system. And our SIP Trunk service provides our power users with great features at a great price.”

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP telephony allows people to make and receive phone calls over the Internet instead of using traditional landlines. It provides many benefits over POTS (plain old telephone service) including lower monthly line rental, significantly cheaper call rates, greater flexibility and easier scalability.

For example, adding a new extension to a POTS system usually involves the time and expense of having a technician come out to connect a new line. With VoIP, it can be as simple as plugging a new telephone handset into your broadband switch or router! “Those who have only used residential VoIP in the past will be in for a pleasant surprise when they try our business VoIP,” said Brinsley. “This is a business-grade service, which uses Alltel’s Australian-based data centres to ensure great quality and reliability.”

Alltel VoIP and SIP Trunking solutions both come with a web-based management portal, which allows users to configure their systems and gives them instant access to call records and other account information.

Alltel VoIP also provides a great portability option, in that you can use it with ANY high-speed broadband connection to make and receive business calls: you’re not limited to using it only from your office broadband connection.

Alltel’s VoIP plans start from just $15 per month, and with no lock-in plans or minimum term contracts, they’re an ideal first step for those wanting to take advantage of cost savings and flexibility that VoIP offers. You can even keep your old phone number!

Visit the ALLTEL or call 1300 ALLTEL to find out how your business can benefit from Alltel’s Business VoIP services.

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