Here’s everything you need to know about Analytix call tracking & management.

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson

You may already know about virtual inbound numbers, and the different benefits it can bring to your business. However, did you know that with a call tracking and management platform— like our very own Analytix suite—you can get way, way more out of your inbound numbers and phone leads?

Analytix has a lot of advanced features you won’t get with normal inbound plans, like call recording, tracking, transcription, and more. To get you familiarised with the service, we’ve put together the answers to all the hot questions about Analytix, and how call tracking works.

Read on and get prepared for your first steps into call tracking.

What is Analytix? What is call tracking?

Analytix is an advanced call tracking and call management software suite offered by Alltel. In a nutshell, it allows you to manage & access valuable call data in a way that's not possible with a regular inbound number subscription.

Here are just a few things you can do with call tracking:

  • Track calls and view reports that reveal where callers first saw and clicked your number, where they’re calling from, and what they searched for online.
  • Configure advanced phone call routing (e.g. date and time, location, or IVR).
  • Log new and returning callers by keeping track of their previous enquiries.
  • Manage missed calls and review individual call transcripts.

What features can I get with a call tracking suite like Analytix?

Here is a top-level summary of all the features available with Analytix:

  • Access to Analytix web portal
  • Call tracking
  • Call recording
  • Call intelligence & reporting
  • Number selection
  • SMS management & outbound calls
  • Basic & complex routing

To view the full list of features, visit the Analytix plans & pricing page.

What else makes Analytix different from regular inbound number plans?

While both a regular 1300/1800/13/Local subscription and an Analytix subscription both include virtual inbound numbers, Analytix offers power features like call tracking, dynamic number insertion, call recording, web and ad source attribution, real-time reporting, SMS and outbound call management, and more.

How does call tracking work in Analytix?

Analytix works by using dynamic tracking numbers. These are unique phone numbers that you can link to different media touchpoints (i.e., 1300 665 245 for your primary website, 1300 665 246 for your social media ads) while still maintaining your main call endpoint.

By linking different numbers to different channels, Analytix can log and track data from the calls and allow you to track the true source of your calls, and how well they are handled.

I already own a 1300 number. Can I use it with Analytix?

Yes. If you already have an inbound number subscription with Alltel, and wish to upgrade to the Analytix platform, the upgrade and number port-over will be free of charge. However, if your inbound number is currently with a different provider, then any relevant charges will apply.

To learn more, you may get in touch with our sales representatives by calling 1300 255 835, or chatting us at

Are the call rates more expensive?

We’ve also made our call rates cheaper than our previous Advance plan, to add even more value on top of the included call recording and tracking features.

Below is a summary of the call rates for each plan type:

Analytix Pro:

Landline calls: 8.9c/min

Mobile calls: 19.9c/min

Marketing Suite:

Landline calls: 7.9c/min

Mobile calls: 16.9c/min

Corporate Suite:

Landline calls: 6.9c/min

Mobile calls: 14.9c/min

What else can I do with Analytix?

You can also make outbound calls using your registered inbound number or send SMS blasts to your customer base from within the Analytix dashboard.

Please note that for the SMS function to work, you will need to activate a mobile number through the Analytix dashboard. You may also port over and route to an existing mobile number, which will incur charges.

How can I get call tracking for my business?

Call tracking can bring a lot of valuable insight to all your business decisions. If you’re ready to see call tracking in action, look no further than Alltel’s Analytix call tracking and management suite. You can book a demo for Analytix by calling 1300 255 835 or chatting us at

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