Phone answering service uses for small business

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

Doesn’t it feel great when your local cafe knows your usual order or when your favorite comic book store sets aside a copy of the newest title for you before it gets sold out? The best way small businesses compete with big name brands is through superior customer service. So how can you give personalised service with limited manpower and resources? Enlist the help of the best phone answering service.

A live telephone answering service for small business gives round the clock support to callers without hiring new staff or sending them to voicemail. Trained operators answer calls in your business name and take messages for you when you can’t pick up the phone.

Business enquiry line

The most common phone calls SMEs get are product and service enquiries. While it’s vital to keep in touch with your market, being on the phone all day will keep you from doing other revenue driving tasks that are essential for your day to day operations.

A live phone answering service for small business lets you maximise your work day, takes pressure off your staff, all while helping you assist more clients. If you run your business at home, you can rest assured that your family doesn’t mix up work calls with personal calls.

Overflow option

Overhead costs balloon when you hire during busy seasons. Aside from wages, you also have to prepare for absences and planned holidays. When the demand dies down, an in-house receptionist still has to be paid even if they have nothing to do all day.

A live phone answering service cost less than adding to your staff. You are charged based on the number of calls you receive, and you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan as your needs change. Ease the trouble of having to look for a reliever when you’re short-staffed-- your provider makes sure that there will always be someone to take your calls 24/7.

Holiday and after-hours answering service

Spending time at home, much less going on a real holiday seems next to impossible when you run your own business. For most, it’s just the nature of their industry. The best phone answering service can help you enjoy your well-deserved time off without being glued to your mobile devices.

Let’s face it, no one like talking to a machine. Studies show that 75% of callers who get voicemail don’t leave a message and worse--never call back. Relying on voicemail is the same as sending your paying customers to your competition. Most of the time, a warm voice from an after-hours phone answering service at the other end of the line is all it takes to capture a lead.

Concierge service

Letting your phones ring off the hook and leaving calls unanswered says a lot about your business. It implies your business is too small and unable to operate at a larger capacity. It says customer service is not a priority and encourages callers to take their business elsewhere. Having a live answering concierge service makes your business look professional, while giving the impression of a fully-staffed office—even if you’re a one-person operation. Your operator answers calls, transfers them to you, or takes a message and sends you a notification via SMS and email immediately. Call back potential customers while leads are hot, and save yourself from wasting time on nuisance and unimportant calls.

Choose the best phone answering service

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