Better than ADSL: How to boost your internet when you can’t get NBN yet

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Better than ADSL: How to Boost Your Internet When You Can’t Get NBN Yet

The nationwide NBN rollout has been making steady progress but it’ll be a few years before it’s complete. And as old technology, including ADSL and ISDN, are decommissioned, getting a new connection is vital.

For Australian businesses that want to make the switch early but can’t—or don’t want to—switch to NBN, here are other high-speed options to consider.

Unlimited Ethernet Broadband

The first option you should consider is Ethernet Broadband. This setup uses copper lines paired and bonded together to deliver a stable, high-bandwidth service. Considered a step up from ADSL, an Ethernet internet service supports the performance of high data services like file sharing, Virtual Private Networks, web hosting, and IP communications.

What should you choose Ethernet?
  • High speed. Low cost. Ethernet broadband has better availability rates than regular ADSL services, with speeds of 4-20 Mbps. At the same time, its setup and monthly costs are lower than fibre connections.
  • Non-shared bandwidth. Ethernet broadband is an uncontended service, which means you are not sharing bandwidth with other users at peak times. This makes it easy to handle high data tasks such as web hosting, VPN use and IP telephony.
  • Built for cloud computing. This service is also ideal for using cloud-based programs. This makes it a viable option in business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Simple setup. All cables and equipment can be bought at low prices with easy setup.

Unlimited Fibre Internet

Fibre internet, which uses light sent through fibre optic cables, is another way to get high-speed connections. Alltel Fibre 400 reaches up to 400 Mbps for both uploads and downloads.

What is the Fibre 400 difference?
  • Speed and reliability. Large volumes of data can be sent across long distances at high speeds without degrading the data signal.
  • High bandwidth. Fibre 400 allows every member of your team to do data-heavy tasks simultaneously without compromising performance. Stream, upload and download all at once without worry.
  • Fewer disruptions. Fibre optic cables don’t generate electricity, making them immune to signal disruptions cause by nearby power lines and high-voltage equipment. These cable are also more resistant to weather damage.
  • Lower costs.Using fibre optics also means you use less electrical power. This translates to savings, which are passed on from your internet provider to you.

Whichever you choose—unlimited data!

Yes, you read that right—both Alltel Ethernet Broadband and Alltel Fibre 400 offer unlimited high-speed internet for businesses.

To learn more about which of the two best suits your needs, have a chat with one of our business consultants by calling 1300 ALLTEL or visit ALLTEL.

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