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Alltel Business bundles.

Why should you choose small business bundles?

Cost and complexity doesn’t always guarantee quality. The same is true when it comes to small business communications. Alltel Business Bundles are designed with the need of SMEs for simple yet cost-effective solutions in mind.

Business bundle plans takes our best products under one account and puts them on a single bill. Your Alltel services are carefully selected and put together for maximum efficiency and productivity at work. With one provider, the compatibility of all your services is guaranteed.

Stay on top of your usage, changes, and reports by managing your Alltel services under one easy-to-use portal. Enjoy the lowest rates, waived fees, added bonuses, and superior customer support when you choose one of our business bundle deals.

Virtual office services bundle

What is the Virtual office services bundle?

The Virtual Office Services Bundle is a complete communications solution at an affordable cost. This bundle includes a 1300/1800 number, 1300/1800 fax number, Live Answering, and Fax2Email/Email2Fax services.

Ideal for:

Startups and small businesses who want to appear bigger, improve customer service, and establish their brand as a true professional through virtual office solutions that increase their responsiveness to customers.


Propel your business to success with smart and simple communications technology, tailored just for you.