Business benefits of cloud-hosted phone systems in the new normal

Pia Rios
Pia Rios

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we do business, and the "new normal” is a phrase casually thrown around these days. However, in this new normal, one thing remains constant––the need to stay flexible and adaptable in communicating through reliable cloud-hosted phone systems.

Even before the pandemic, cloud-hosted phone systems were popular for their flexibility in communication. These hosted phone systems make use of cloud technology, which enables secure storage and access of data that runs over the internet. So, how are these phone systems beneficial to the business in the new normal?

1. On-demand flexibility

Cloud-hosted phone systems can be upgraded and downgraded depending on your business needs. In uncertain times such as these, cloud-hosted phone systems are perfect because you pay only for what your business requires. You don’t have to spend on outdated technology that runs on copper wires and pay excess fees for phone lines you don’t even use.

2. Mobile freedom

For today's mobile workforce, cloud-hosted phone systems are relevant and reliable. Your business isn't tied down to one location, so you need a phone system that can keep your workforce equipped to work whenever and wherever–at any given time. Choosing a cloud-hosted phone system not only makes it easier to connect with your team and your customers, but it also makes it easier and simpler to stay in touch.

3. Disaster-ready and protected

Disruptions to your business come in any form and at any time. Take the pandemic caused by COVID-19 as an example. By making use of a cloud-hosted phone system, you keep business communications protected from any form of disruption. All you need to make and take calls is your smart device, whether it’s a desk phone, a laptop, or a mobile phone, and internet access.

Why choose a cloud-hosted phone system?

Setting aside "the new normal," cloud-hosted phone systems are an investment. These business phones do not require additional cabling or hardware. The handsets are simply plug-and-play. Other than that, there’s no need for extensive and expensive phone maintenance fees. Everything is handled by your hosted PBX provider.

Apart from ease of use, cloud PBX systems easily integrate with your business’s’ existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. You gain access to available data already saved on your computer to your business mobile and desk phone. Skip the need to browse through your files about the information on a customer because everything should be saved on your CRM tool that is then connected to your HPBX system.

Cloud PBX systems make it easier for you to stay connected with your customers and your team, regardless of your location. You can answer calls from wherever you’re located, whether it’s at home or the office, or even at a soccer game. Also, with a cloud-based communication system, your business is always updated with the latest and powerful features. This, in turn, unleashes the true potential of your business’s’ services and products.

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